Pounds Ordinance

Published: 1997-06-30

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Chapter: 168 POUNDS ORDINANCE Gazette Number Version Date

Long title 30/06/1997

To make provision for impounding stray animals and for the disposal thereof.

[1 December 1911]

(Originally 54 of 1911 (Cap 168 1950))

Section: 1 Short title 30/06/1997

This Ordinance may be cited as the Pounds Ordinance.
(Amended 5 of 1924 s. 6)

Section: 1A Interpretation L.N. 331 of 1999 01/01/2000

In this Ordinance, unless the context otherwise requires-
"Director" (署長) means the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, the Deputy Director of Agriculture,

Fisheries and Conservation and any Assistant Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation; (Amended
L.N. 331 of 1999)

"officer" (人員) means-
(a) any officer of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department authorized in writing for the

purposes of this Ordinance by the Director; and (Amended L.N. 331 of 1999)
(b) any police officer.

(Added 3 of 1977 s. 2)

Section: 2 Impounding stray animal 30/06/1997

Any animal found at large without any person having the charge thereof, and which in the opinion of any officer
appears to have been lost or to be doing damage, may be seized by such officer and impounded in any convenient
place, and may be detained therein until the owner thereof has paid to the Director the reasonable expenses of
impounding and keeping such animal, together with the pound fee.

(Amended 50 of 1911; 51 of 1911; 16 of 1912 Schedule; 17 of 1912 Schedule; 33 of 1939 Schedule; 3 of
1977 s. 3)

[cf. 1847 c. 89 s. 24 U.K.]

Section: 3 Pound fees 65 of 1999 01/07/1997

Adaptation amendments retroactively made - see 65 of 1999 s. 3

The Chief Executive in Council may by regulation provide for pound fees for animals generally or for any
particular class of animal.

(Amended 51 of 1911; 17 of 1912 Schedule; 43 of 1912 Supp. Schedule; G.N. 246 of 1913; 3 of 1977 s.
4; 65 of 1999 s. 3)

Section: 4 Power to sell impounded animals 30/06/1997

(1) If the said expenses and pound fee be not paid within 3 days after such impounding, notice of the intention
to sell the animal shall be published in the Gazette.

(2) If the expenses of impounding and keeping the animal and of the publication in the Gazette and the pound
fee are not paid within 7 days after the said publication, it shall be lawful for the Director to cause the animal to be


sold either by private treaty or by public auction as he may think fit, and the purchaser thereof shall acquire a good
title. If the animal is unsaleable, or if in the opinion of the Director it is an unsaleable animal, it may be destroyed or
otherwise disposed of as he may direct. (Amended 51 of 1911;17 of 1912 Schedule; 43 of 1912 Supp. Schedule; G.N.
246 of 1913; 3 of 1977 s. 5)

(3) The money arising from such sale, after deducting the above-mentioned expenses and fee and the expenses
of the sale, shall be paid on demand to the owner of the animal:

Provided that if such demand is not made within 1 month after the sale all right to make it shall cease and the
money shall be paid into the general revenue. (Amended 50 of 1911; 21 of 1912 s. 2)

[cf. 1847 c. 89 s. 25 U.K.]

Section: 5 Pound breach 30/06/1997

Any person who releases or attempts to release any animal from any place where it has been impounded, or who
pulls down, damages or destroys such place or any part thereof with intent to procure the release of such animal, shall
be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1000 and to imprisonment for 6 months.

(Amended 3 of 1977 s. 6)
[cf. 1847 c. 89 s. 26 U.K.]