Requirements For Indications Identifying The Lot To Which A Foodstuff Belongs

Published: 2014-12-13

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Requirements for indications identifying the lot to which a foodstuff belongs1

Passed 28.11.2014 Annex 109

This Regulation is enacted on the basis of Section 38(6) of the Food Act.

§ 1.  Lot indication

(1) The indication of a lot shall allow identification of the lot to which a foodstuff belongs.
(2) The lot shall be determined and indicated on the packaging by the producer, processor, manufacturer or packager of the foodstuff or by the seller established in a Member State of the European Union who is first to sell the foodstuff.
(3) The indication shall be presented on the prepackaging in such a way as to be clearly legible, easily visible and indelible.
(4) The indication shall be preceded by the letter ‘L’, unless it is clearly distinguishable from other information.

§ 2.  Lot indication where food is not prepackaged

(1) Where the food is not prepackaged, the indication and, where necessary, the letter ‘L’ shall be presented on the packaging or the container in such a way as to be clearly legible, easily visible and indelible.
(2) Where it is not possible to present the indication on the packaging or the container, it shall be entered in the documents accompanying the foodstuff.

§ 3.  Cases where the lot indication need not be presented

(1) It is not necessary to present the indication:
1) when the date of minimum durability of the foodstuff or its ‘use by’ date contains at least the day and month in chronological order;
2) on individual portions of ice cream, where the indication is presented on the combined package;
3) if the largest side of the packaging or container has an area of less than 10 cm2;
4) when, at the point of sale to the consumer, the foodstuff is not prepackaged, is packaged at the request of the consumer or is packaged for immediate sale without the consumer being present.
(2) The indication need not be presented in the case of agricultural produce which, on leaving the holding, is:
1) sold directly or transferred in another manner for temporary storage, processing or packaging;
2) transported directly to an agricultural producers’ organisation;
3) collected directly for immediate processing.

§ 4.  Entry into force of this Regulation

This Regulation shall enter into force on 13 December 2014.

1Directive 2011/91/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on indications or marks identifying the lot to which a foodstuff belongs (OJ L 334, 16.12.2011, pp. 1–5).

Ivari Padar
Toomas Kevvai
Deputy Secretary-General for Food Safety, Research and Development (for the Secretary-General)