the organization, the position and role of legislative bodies in org. ZO

Published: 1973

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117/1973 Coll. PRINCIPLES laying down the organization, status and tasks of legal departments in state economic organizations and organizations of foreign trade, approved by the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic dated 27 September 1973 no. 284 Change: USN. l. CSSR no. 266 Bodies managing state economic organizations, foreign trade and the leaders of these organizations are required to secure the prerequisites for the proper function of legislative bodies according to the following principles: Article I canceled Article II Organisation and the status of legal departments in companies 4. Legal department and legal department consists of its leaders, lawyers and other administrative staff. 5. Function of the head of the legal department and another lawyer in this department can perform only one who has full university legal education. A worker who does not have such education can fulfill this role only if it held prior to the date of approval of these principles and if necessary legal experience and knowledge gained years of experience. 6. Head of the legal department is an expert adviser to the head of the organization, or the plant manager in legal matters. 7. The Head of the organization or the plant is required to ensure that it always sought the opinion of the legal department for any decision or action that may have serious legal consequences for the organization, and where appropriate, invite the head of the legal department in this regard to the proceedings of the organization. 8. The Head of the legal department is obliged to notify the head of the organization (the race) to all serious violations of law in the activities of the organization (the race), which found in their work, and propose measures to eliminate illegal state. Article III Tasks legal departments in enterprises 9. Legal services in state economic organizations and foreign trade enterprises shall perform the following tasks: a) observe the assurance of socialist legality in the work of organizations focusing on prevention and legal use legal means to ensure the protection of societal interests and protection of rights and legally protected interests of organizations, b) represent the organization in legal matters before the authorities of arbitration courts and other state authorities as well as before arbitration bodies and prepare for the proceedings before them relevant filing c) provide legal advice, consultation and information legislation, arbitration and judicial decisions and other legally significant acts of subordinate factories, which is established by the legal department, as well as organizational departments of the organization, d) participate in the preparation and negotiation of proposals organizational and other standards developed in the organization, preparation of important contracts and other legal important documents and are responsible for ensuring that these documents are in accordance with generally binding regulations, e) occupy an opinion on proposals for the application of substantive responsibilities to workers organizations on proposals for the imposition of disciplinary measures, the proposals on termination of employment with immediate effect, to proposals for filing complaints, as well as other labor-law issues of a fundamental nature f) carry out or provide for executives and other employees of the organization briefings and seminars on legal issues, which affects their activities. A more detailed definition of the tasks of the legal department provides organizational rules, which also modifies the relations of the legal department for legal services organization obstarávajícím legal agenda in their organizational units (factories). Article IV Tasks legal departments of higher authorities 10. The legal departments of general and specialized directorates performing similar tasks set out in paragraph 9. Legal services in addition: a) methodically manage the legal departments of subordinate organizations, especially by providing consultation in dealing with complex legal matters, organizing regular exchange of experience of lawyers in subordinate organizations, convening meetings and organizing seminars on new and upcoming regulations and other relevant measures in the field of rule of law, b) in cases specified by statute trust enterprise ^ 1) involved in the preliminary discussions discrepancies between subordinate organizations. A more detailed definition of the relationship of the legal department of the (departmental) headquarters trust the legal departments of subordinate organizations stipulated in the Statute of the trust. 11. Legal departments of the ministries of superiors methodically manages legal departments in state economic organizations and exercise supervision over them, usually through the legal departments of general (industry) headquarters trusts. Coordination of methodical management exercises in terms of the authorities of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the State Arbitration of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic; proceed with it in cooperation with the ministries and other central authorities. Article V Common Provisions 12. In order to ensure the proper fulfillment of the tasks of legal departments are organizational units of the organizations obliged to provide legal department reliable documents and information from the field of their activity and, as appropriate, to attend its staff in preparing and discussing legal matters. 13th for the legal department may be imposed only tasks of a legal nature. 14th leading organization (races) are required to ensure that the legal department was equipped with the necessary specialized equipment. 1) § 8 point. h) l. Reg. no. 132/1965 Coll.

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