Pottle Lake Watershed Protected Water Area Regulations

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This consolidation is unofficial and is for reference only.  For the official version of the regulations, consult the original documents on file with the Registry of Regulations, or refer to the Royal Gazette Part II.
Regulations are amended frequently.  Please check the list of Regulations by Act to see if there are any recent amendments to these regulations filed with the Registry that are not yet included in this consolidation.
Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this electronic version, the Registry of Regulations assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies that may have resulted from reformatting.
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Pottle Lake Watershed Protected Water Area Regulations

made under subsection 106(5) of the

Environment Act

S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 1

N.S. Reg. 258/2007 (December 17, 1971)

The Undersigned, pursuant to sub-section (2) of Section 17, does hereby order that with respect to The Pottle Lake Watershed Area the following regulations will apply:


                (a)    Fishing, bathing and boating are prohibited.


                (b)    Hunting is prohibited.


                (c)    The disposal of wastes of any kind is prohibited except in accordance with the provisions of the Water Act, and the Public Health Act.


                (d)    The use of biocides is prohibited.


                (e)    Open burning is prohibited.


                (f)    Camping and picnicing [picnicking] are prohibited.

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