Mill Cove Lake and Cranberry Lake Protected Water Area Designation

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Mill Cove Lake and Cranberry Lake Protected Water Area Designation

made under subsection 106(5A) of the

Environment Act

S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 1

N.S. Reg. 255/2007 (February 22, 1967)

The Nova Scotia Water Authority, pursuant to Section 16 of the Water Act, as enacted by Chapter 42 of the Acts of 1963, hereby defines and prescribes for the purpose of said Section 16, an area surrounding Mill Cove Lake and Cranberry Lake, in the County of Lunenburg, being a source of water supply for Blandford Naval Radio Station.

All those lands in the vicinity of Mill Cove, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, comprising of the Mill Cove Lake and Cranberry Lake Watershed areas and more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at Crown Land Survey marker post and stones No. 718 marking the southwest angle of Grant No. 12148 to William C. Jollymore et al;

From thence to run by Astronomic bearings as derived through the Meridian longitude sixty-four degrees four minutes west, north thirty-eight degrees thirty-eight minutes west, one hundred and fifty-three chains thirty-one links to a point;

Thence north forty-four degrees, thirty-six minutes east eighty-eight chains thirty-two links to a point;

Thence south seventy-eight degrees, thirty-nine minutes east seventy-five chains, eighty-four links to a point;

Thence south thirty-six degrees, twenty-two minutes east, one hundred and thirty-two chains, twenty-three links to a point;

Thence south forty-three degrees, thirty-two minutes west, one hundred and thirteen chains seventy-three links to a point;

Thence north seventy-one degrees seven minutes west, thirty-five chains seven links to a point;

Thence north thirty-eight degrees, thirty-eight minutes west, twelve chains fifty links to the place of beginning, as shown on the attached plan, containing 2,465 acres more or less.

Dated at Halifax, Nova Scotia, this 22 day of Feb. 1967.

                                                                         Nova Scotia Water Authority

                                                                         Sgd.: E. L. L. Rowe


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