Designation of Eligible Bodies Regulations

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Designation of Eligible Bodies Regulations
made under Section 16 of the

Conservation Easements Act

S.N.S. 2001, c. 28

O.I.C. 2002-32 (February 1, 2002, effective January 18, 2002), N.S. Reg. 12/2002

as amended up to O.I.C. 2014-195 (May 27, 2014), N.S. Reg. 75/2014


1     These regulations may be cited as the Designation of Eligible Bodies Regulations.


2     (1)    In these regulations


                (a)    “Act” means the Conservation Easements Act;


                (b)    “designated” means, with respect to an organization, designated as an eligiblebody in accordance with clause 16(1)(b) of the Act;


                (c)    “Minister” means the Minister of Natural Resources.

Section 2 redesignated 2(1): O.I.C. 2014-195, N.S. Reg. 75/2014.


       (2)    For the purposes of clause 7(c) of the Act, “drawing” means a drawing prepared by aNova Scotia Land Surveyor.

Subsection 2(2) added: O.I.C. 2014-195, N.S. Reg. 75/2014.


3     (1)    An organization may apply to the Minister to be designated.


       (2)    An application made pursuant to subsection (1) must include


                (a)    proof that the organization has been legally incorporated without purpose ofgain for its members under legislation that requires that any profits or otherbenefits to the organization be used solely to promote its objectives;


                (b)    proof of current registration and good standing issued by the Registrar of JointStock Companies or equivalent authority in the jurisdiction in which theorganization was incorporated or registered;


                (c)    if the organization was incorporated outside the Province, the name andaddress of a person residing within the Province to whom anycommunications and notices may be sent;


                (d)    a copy of the objects and by-laws of the organization confirming that


                         (i)     the objects are


                                  (A)   directed to purposes that are beneficial to the public, and


                                  (B)   consistent with the purposes of a conservation easement asprovided for in the Act, and


                         (ii)    upon the dissolution, surrender or winding-up of the organization, orupon the revocation of its designation, the organization will make allreasonable efforts to have any easement or covenant acquired by theorganization pursuant to the Act assigned to the Minister or anothereligible body; and


                (e)    a fee in the amount of $25.00.

Recommendation for designation

4     If the Minister is satisfied that an organization that applies pursuant to Section 3 hascomplied with these regulations, the Minister may approve the application andrecommend to the Governor in Council that the organization be designated and that itsname be added to Schedule “A”.

Revocation of designation

5     A designation may be revoked and the organization’s name removed from Schedule “A” ifthe designated organization


                (a)    fails to remain legally incorporated in accordance with the criteria set out inclause 3(2)(a);


                (b)    fails to maintain current registration and good standing in accordance with thecriteria set out in clause 3(2)(b);


                (c)    amends its objects so that they are no longer directed to purposes that arebeneficial to the public or are no longer consistent with the purposes of aconservation easement as provided for in the Act; or


                (d)    contravenes the Act or these regulations.

Schedule “A”

List of Organizations Designated as Eligible Bodies

under the Conservation Easements Act

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts

Archaeological Land Trust of Nova Scotia Society

Ecology Action Centre

Nova Scotia Nature Trust (originally designated by Order in Council 95-160)

Nature Conservancy of Canada (originally designated by Order in Council 95-91)

Bras d'Or Preservation Foundation (originally designated by Order in Council 93-944)

Ducks Unlimited Canada (originally designated by Order in Council 94-998)

Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists (originally designated by Order in Council 95-451)

Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy Association (originally designated by Order in

Council 97-235)

Blomidon Naturalists Society (originally designated by Order in Council 97-235)

Shubenacadie Canal Commission (originally designated by Order in Council 2000-146)

Schedule “A” amended: O.I.C. 2009-77, N.S. Reg. 48/2009.