Powerline Technician Trade Regulations

Link to law: https://www.novascotia.ca/just/regulations/regs/atqpower.htm

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Powerline Technician Trade Regulations
made under Section 29 of the
Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act
R.S.N.S. 2003, c. 1
O.I.C. 67-162 (February 21, 1967), N.S. Reg. 11/67
as amended by O.I.C. 96-268 (April 16, 1996), N.S. Reg. 75/961 In these regulations:
(a) "Act" means the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act;
(b) "powerline technician trade" (electrical power utility) means all of the skills and knowledge related to the construction, operation and maintenance of transmission, substation and distribution systems as revealed in the analysis of the powerline technician trade.
2 No person shall enter into a contract of apprenticeship either as or with an apprentice in the trade unless the person being apprenticed has successfully completed grade twelve or its equivalent in the course skills required by the trade/occupation.
Section 2 replaced: O.I.C. 96-268, N.S. Reg. 75/96.
3 (1) The term of apprenticeship training in the powerline technician trade is four years including a probationary period of not more than three months.
(2) Where an apprentice has previous experience in the trade, the Director, on the basis of a written examination and a report from previous employers, may grant a credit not exceeding two years towards the completion of the apprenticeship term.
(3) Where an apprentice comes from another province to Nova Scotia, the Director may require a written examination and a report from previous employers before granting a credit equal to that to which he is entitled in the province from which he comes.
4 Except as varied by these regulations, the working hours and conditions of work of an apprentice shall be the same as the working hours and conditions of work of a journeyman on the job where the apprentice is employed.
5 The Director shall not register a contract if the rate being paid the apprentice is not in accord with the established rates of the utility concerned.
6 When an apprentice fails to meet the required standards of any phase of the apprenticeship period, the Director may consider this sufficient cause for the cancellation of the apprenticeship agreement.
7 The course of training shall be laid down by the Trade Advisory Committee and approved by the Director, who may from time to time after consultation with the Trade Advisory Committee prescribe the number and the nature of educational classes to be attended by apprentices registered in the trade.
8 When an apprentice is issued a certificate of apprenticeship in accordance with subsection (2), Section 9 of the General Regulations, he is also to receive a certificate of qualification.
9 An apprentice shall have a satisfactory kit of basic tools by the end of his probationary period and shall continue to secure additions to this kit according to the demands of his work.

Certificates of qualification
10 A person who
(a) is a resident of Nova Scotia;
(b) is engaged in the powerline technician trade;
(c) has worked at that trade for not less than four years, or three years actual experience in the trade plus successful completion of an approved technical training course; and
(d) is recommended for journeyman status by two persons who are competent in the trade or employ or supervise persons engaged in the trade and who have sufficient knowledge of the person to vouch for his skill,
is eligible to write an examination for a journeyman's Certificate of Qualification.
11 Application for examination shall be made to the Director on a form provided by him.
12 If the application is granted, the Director shall fix a place and a time, not later than three months after the filing of the application, for the writing of the examination.
13 A fee of five dollars shall be paid by the applicant prior to writing of any examination.
14 If an applicant fails in an examination, he shall not be eligible to write another examination until six months have elapsed.
15 Each examination shall be conducted by an Examining Board of three persons, two of whom are members of a local apprenticeship committee, and represent employers and employees respectively, and the third of whom represents the Provincial Apprenticeship Board.
16 A certificate of qualification shall be issued to a person who has completed a period of apprenticeship and received a Certificate of Apprenticeship issued under the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act.
17 A person who is a resident of Nova Scotia and the holder of a current certificate of qualification in the powerline technician trade granted by another authority may be issued with a certificate of qualification under these regulations without examination provided that the authority issuing the certificate is one approved by the Examining Board.
18 Certificates of qualification shall remain valid from year to year unless suspended or cancelled.
19 (1) When an Examining Board after due inquiry finds that the holder of a certificate of qualification has acted in a manner that is not consistent with good practice in the trade or that is detrimental or hazardous to property or public safety and recommends that the certificate be suspended or cancelled, the Director may suspend or cancel the certificate.
(2) An Examining Board shall not recommend that a certificate be suspended or cancelled until the Board has given to the holder of the certificate notice of the matters alleged against him and has given him an opportunity to be heard and to adduce evidence on his own behalf.
20 When the Director suspends or cancels a certificate, he shall give written notice of his action to the holder of the certificate by registered prepaid post, addressed to the holder's last known address.
21 When a certificate of qualification is suspended or cancelled, the holder shall return the certificate to the Director within twenty-four hours after receiving a written notice of cancellation or suspension.
22 An appeal against the cancellation or suspension of a certificate of qualification may be made to the Minister within fifteen days after the holder of the certificate receives written notice of the suspension or cancellation, and the Minister may confirm, modify, or reverse the action of the Director.

[Please note: the trade name has been amended to comply with the Trade Names Equivalency Regulations, O.I.C. 97-564, N.S. Reg. 113/97.]