Alarm and Security Technician Trade Regulations

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Alarm and Security Technician Trade Regulations
made under Section 29 of the

Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act

S.N.S. 2003, c. 1

O.I.C. 2012-320 (October 2, 2012), N.S. Reg. 186/2012


1     These regulations may be cited as the Alarm and Security Technician Trade Regulations.


2     (1)    In these regulations,


“Act” means the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act;


“alarm and security technician trade” means the occupation of an alarm and securitytechnician, consisting of installing, adjusting, altering, inspecting, testing, activating,repairing and servicing security systems with voltages of 50 V or less, but not firealarm systems, and including all of the following:


                         (i)     analyzing security requirements and risks,


                         (ii)    conducting a physical survey of the areas to be secured and theirfunctions, and a survey of client behaviours and lifestyles,


                         (iii)   designing the security system, including selecting input and outputdevices, any necessary control, monitoring, viewing or signalingequipment and any accessories essential to the operation of theequipment,                     


                         (iv)   preparing for the system installation by reading the work order andchecking the site drawings to confirm locations for the securityequipment,


                         (v)    confirming the availability of all third-party services such as telephonelines and power,


                         (vi)   obtaining the tools, equipment and supplies required for installing asecurity system,


                         (vii)  locating all shut-offs and conducting safety hazard assessments,


                         (viii) installing cable and wire terminations to all devices, equipment andsystem accessories as part of the installation of a security system,


                         (ix)   programming on-site control equipment and conducting off-siteprogramming, including downloading software,


                         (x)    establishing the necessary records for off-site monitoring,


                         (xi)   conducting post-installation follow-up, including system performancetests,


                         (xii)  providing the customer with a system demonstration and operationaltraining,    


                         (xiii) performing both on-site and off-site tests and maintenance andmaintaining a repair history;


“fire alarm system” means a control panel combined with detection devices, pullstations and alarm devices, all of which are separate from a security system and arerequired to meet the standards set out in the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulationsmade under the Building Code Act;


“General Regulations” means the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications ActGeneral Regulations made under the Act;


“security system” includes all of the following:


                         (i)     an intrusion alarm system,


                         (ii)    an access control system,


                         (iii)   a closed-circuit video system,


                         (iv)   a remote signaling system connected to an alarm output from a fire alarmsystem or sprinkler system and any equipment or accessories essential tothe operation of the remote signaling system.


       (2)    The definitions contained in the General Regulations apply to these regulations.

Term of apprenticeship for alarm and security technician trade

3     The term of apprenticeship for the alarm and security technician trade is 6000 hours ofcombined practical experience and technical training approved by the Director and acertification examination, and may include a probationary period of up to 3 months.

Wage schedule for alarm and security technician apprentice

4     (1)    Subject to subsection (2), the minimum wage for each hour worked by an apprenticein the alarm and security technician trade is a percentage of the wage for an alarmand security technician journeyperson in the same place of employment, as set out inthe following table:

Wages for Alarm and Security Technician Apprentice

Hours in Term ofApprenticeship

Minimum Wage

(% of journeyperson's wage)












       (2)    An employer must not employ an alarm and security technician apprentice at a wagefor actual hours worked that is lower than the wage that would be paid at theminimum wage rate prescribed in the Minimum Wage Order (General) made underthe Labour Standards Code.

Ratio of journeypersons to apprentices

5     An employer in the alarm and security technician trade must maintain a minimum ratio of1 journeyperson to each apprentice, unless the Director permits the ratio to be varied inaccordance with Section 24 of the General Regulations.

Certificate through trade qualification

6     For the purpose of paragraph 30(1)(a)(ii)(B) of the General Regulations, which authorizesthe Director to issue a certificate of qualification in a designated trade to a person whodoes not hold a certificate of apprenticeship in the trade if the person applies and meetscertain requirements, 9000 hours is prescribed as the period of employment required forthe alarm and security technician trade.