Notice of Appeal Form Regulations

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Notice of Appeal Form Regulations
made under Section 39 of the

Animal Protection Act

S.N.S. 2008, c. 33

N.S. Reg. 37/2015 (March 2, 2015)


1     These regulations may be cited as the Notice of Appeal Form Regulations.

Form of notice of appeal

2     A notice of appeal of a removal of an animal made to the Board under Section 32 of theAct must be in Form 1.

Form 1: Notice of Appeal

[depiction of
Nova Scotia

coat of arms]

Animal Cruelty Appeal Board

NS Department of Agriculture

NS Department of Agriculture

65 River Road, Hancock Veterinary Building

Bible Hill, NS B2N 2P3

Phone:    (902) 893-6540

Fax:        (902) 895-6684

Notice of Appeal

Under S. 32 of the Nova ScotiaAnimal Protection Act




·   Use this notice of appeal form for an appeal under Section 32 of the Animal ProtectionAct to appeal the removal of an animal by the Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention ofCruelty (NSSPCA) or the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture.      

·   You must complete all sections of this form and submit it with payment of the requiredfee and a copy of the notice of removal that you are appealing. The processing of yourappeal could be delayed if information or documents are missing.       

·   Please note that a notice of appeal under Section 32 of the Act must be made within 5business days after you receive notice of the removal of the animal.    

Appellant’s information


Last name                                                       First name


Address: street no., street name, unit no.


City / Town / Municipality                             Province                                 Postal code 


Phone no.                                                        Fax no.


E-mail address

Information about the notice of removal you are appealing


Date issued:                 (dd/mm/yyyy)

As required, I have included a copy of the notice of removal I am appealing:

     Yes □           No □

(If no, state the reason a copy of the notice is not attached.)

Reasons for appeal

(Describe, in detail, the reasons for your appeal. Attach additional pages if you require morespace.)


(Describe, in detail, the remedy or action that you want the Board to consider. Attachadditional pages if you require more space.)

Acknowledgement (Read carefully; then check the below box to confirm the statement, andsign and date the form.)


□          I have completed all pages of this form and attached all the required documentation. Iunderstand that if I submit an incomplete form or do not attach the required documents,my appeal may not be processed.


Print name


Signature                                                                                            Date (dd/mm/yyyy)