Commodity Group Confirmation of Designations and Levies Order

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Commodity Group Confirmation of Designations and Levies Order
made under Section 46 of the

Agriculture and Marketing Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 6

N.S. Reg. 77/98 (September 24, 1998)


Commodity Group/Levies


Whereas Part F, Section 46 of Chapter 6 of the Revised Statues of Nova Scotia, 1989,Agriculture and Marketing Act, as amended provides that the Minister by Order may designatea body of a specific agricultural product as a commodity group and approve levy amounts.


For greater certainty, the Minister of Agriculture and Marketing confirms the levies fordesignated commodities to be as follows:


Commodity Group      Designation Date        Levy                             Effective Date

NS Milk Producers        January 29, 1986          .0023 x gross                December 1, 1995

Association                                                         cash recipts

                                                                            .2638/kg of butterfat

[Designation and levy revoked by N.S. Reg. 38/2001, effective April 1, 2001.]


Wild Blueberry              December 14, 1987      $6/ton*                         January 1, 1993

Producers Asso-

ciation of NS

[*Levy replaced by N.S. Reg. 108/2006, effective July 11, 2006.]


Sheep Producers            March 3, 1986              50¢/lamb or                  March 3, 1986

Association of NS                                               sheep marketed


NS Fox Breeders           June 14, 1989               ⅓ of 1% of gross           July 25, 1989

Association                                                         pelt sales


Horticulture                   August 12, 1998           $10[$5]/strawberry      November 1, 1998

Nova Scotia                                                         nursery plants*

[*N.S. Reg. 43/99 declares that the by-law authorizing the increase to $10 was not validly passed.]


NS Cattlemen’s             November 7, 1980       $1 per head less            January 1, 1989

Association                                                         than 450 lbs. live 

                                                                            $1.50 per head more

                                                                            than 450 lbs. live

[Designation and levy revoked by N.S. Reg. 145/2006, effective July 26, 2006.]




Signed: Edward Lorraine

Edward F. Lorraine, Minister

                                                                            Agriculture and Marketing

Date: September 24, 1998