Non-Agricultural Use Land Exemption Regulations

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This consolidation is unofficial and is for reference only.  For the official version of the regulations, consult the original documents on file with the Registry of Regulations, or refer to the Royal Gazette Part II.
Regulations are amended frequently.  Please check the list of Regulations by Act to see if there are any recent amendments to these regulations filed with the Registry that are not yet included in this consolidation.
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Non-Agricultural Use Land Exemption Regulations

made under clause 51(1)(ia) of the
Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act
S.N.S. 2000, c. 22
N.S. Reg. 31/2003 (February 18, 2003)

1 These regulations may be cited as the Non-Agricultural Use Land Exemption Regulations.

2 For the purpose of subsection 41(6) of the Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act areas indicated on the following maps are lands with non-agricultural uses that existed on the coming into force of the Act:

Department of Agriculture
Map Number
Name of Marsh County
NS02 Windsor Forks Hants
NS03 Falmouth Great Dyke Hants
NS04 Queen Anne Annapolis
NS05 Dugau Annapolis
NS06 Saulnierville Digby
NS08 Grand Pre Kings
NS11 Truro Dykeland Park Colchester
NS12 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Colchester
NS14 Elderkin Hants
NS17 Falmouth Village Hants
NS20 Advocate Cumberland
NS23 Masstown Colchester
NS24 Noel Shore Hants
NS30 Allan River Annapolis
NS38 St. Croix Hants
NS41 Habitant Kings
NS42 Amherst Point Cumberland
NS44 Converse Cumberland
NS45 Barronsfield Cumberland
NS46 River Hebert Cumberland
NS53 John Lusby Cumberland
NS55 Seaman Cumberland
NS56 Wellington Kings
NS57 New Minas Kings
NS59 Brown Salt Pond Yarmouth
NS64 Glenholme Colchester
NS65 Bishop Beckwith Kings
NS67 Onslow North River Colchester
NS68 Tregothic Hants
NS69 Martock Hants
NS70 Chegoggin Yarmouth
NS75 Armstrong Hants
NS76 Farnham Kings
NS81 Lower Truro Colchester
NS82 Kentville Kings
NS86 Central Onslow Colchester
NS87 Chignecto Cumberland
NS88 Burlington Hants
NS91 Belcher Street Kings
NS92 Avonport Kings
NS95 Fort Lawrence - Amherst Cumberland
NS97 Highland Village Colchester
NS103 Annapolis River Dam Annapolis
NS104 Sunny Slope Hants
NS106 Fort Ellis Colchester
NS109 Nappan River Dam Cumberland
NS115 Nappan-Maccan Cumberland
NS116 Shubenacadie Hants
NS119 Upper Maccan Cumberland
[Note: the reference to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has been updated in accordance with Order in Council 2006-121 under the Public Service Act, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 376, effective February 24, 2006.]

3 Appendix 1 contains the maps listed in Section 2.

Appendix 1 - Maps

[The maps contained in Appendix 1 are not available in this format. Contact the Registry of Regulations for more information.]

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