Dentiballis Marsh Body Land Use Regulations

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Dentiballis Marsh Body Land Use Regulations
made under clause 14(e) of the
Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act
S.N.S. 2000, c. 22
N.S. Reg. 46/97 (May 16, 1996)(1) No person shall construct works, or use, or develop lands within, on, or affecting marshland on the Dentiballis Marsh that is not conducive to and in conformity with sound land agricultural practices and purposes.
(2) For the purposes of subsection (1) uses and activities deemed to be conducive to and in conformity with sound agricultural practices and purposes include the following:
(a) the tilling of soil;
(b) the planting and harvesting of crops;
(c) the growing of grains and forage crops for livestock feed;
(d) the growing of grass and legume crops;
(e) the growing of food crops for human consumption;
(f) the spreading of manure;
(g) the spreading of commercial (chemical) and natural fertilizer;
(h) the spreading of limestone;
(i) pest and weed control;
(j) pre-existing, non-conforming uses only where and as they presently exist.
(3) For the purpose of subsection (1), non-permitted works, uses, or developments include the following:
(a) landfill sites or dumps of any kind;
(b) public recreational activities of any kind on marshland or dyke;
(c) residential or commercial structures;
(d) drilled wells;
(e) sewage treatment plants or lagoons;
(f) industrial structure or uses;
(g) ponds for non-agriculture uses.