Adult Learning Regulations

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Adult Learning Regulations
made under Section 15 of the

Adult Learning Act

S.N.S. 2010, c. 31

N.S. Reg. 132/2014 (June 24, 2014)


1     These regulations may be cited as the Adult Learning Regulations.


2     In these regulations,


“support system” means a common system and set of business processes operated bythe Department to focus on the administration of labour market programs andservices for its Provincial partners, currently operating under the name of the LabourMarket Programs Support System (LaMPSS);


“learning organization” means an organization that provides adult-learning programsand services to adult learners;


“Minister’s Adult Learner Demographic Form” means the Departmental surveydesigned to collect demographic information on adult learners.

Criteria for recognized learning organization

3     To be eligible as a recognized learning organization, a learning organization must


                (a)    comply with all the support system’s applicable guidelines, business processesand contract terms and conditions; and


                (b)    meet all of the following criteria:


                         (i)     it must not charge tuition,


                         (ii)    it must offer adult-learning programs, by 1 or both of the followingmethods:


                                  (A)   in a group setting,

                                  (B)   by individual tutoring,


                         (iii)   it must meet the requirements for adult-learning programs in Section 4,


                         (iv)   it must register adult learners in the method required by the Minister,


                         (v)    it must ensure that all its registered adult learners complete anyDepartmental surveys within the time required by the Minister,


                         (vi)   it must approve and maintain an individualized learning plan for each ofits registered adult learners, jointly developed with the adult learner,


                         (vii)  it must keep daily attendance records for its registered adult learners andprovide the records to the Minister on request,


                         (viii) it must complete and submit program and financial reports in the formand in the time required by the Minister.

Requirements for adult-learning programs

4     An adult-learning program must meet all of the following requirements:


                        (a)    it must use adult-learning curricula and program resources approved bythe Minister;


                        (b)    it must ensure that its instructors, teachers and voluntary and paid tutorsattend professional development training for the adult-learning programcurricula and as required by the Minister;


                        (c)    it must use assessment processes approved by the Minister.

Obligations of adult learners

5     An adult learner registered with a recognized learning organization has all of the followingobligations:


                (a)    they must jointly develop their individualized learning plan with the learningorganization;


                (b)    they must attend the learning program at the times required by the learningorganization;


                (c)    they must complete the Minister’s Adult Learner Demographic Form, or anyother Departmental survey, within the time required by the learningorganization.

Designated component annual report

6     An annual report to the Minister with respect to a designated component must include allof the following statistical information:


                (a)    the number of learning organizations funded by the designated component;


                (b)    for each learning organization funded by the designated component:


                         (i)     the number of adult learners registered in the year,


                         (ii)    the number of adult learners who meet learning plan learning objectives.