Highway 43 East Waste Commission Regulation

Published: 2012

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AR 32/94 HIGHWAY 43 EAST WASTE COMMISSION REGULATION (Consolidated up to 6/2012)
Municipal Government Act
Table of Contents
                1       Commission established
             1.1       Change of name
                2       Members                 3       Services
                4       Fees for waste management services
                5       Transfer of property
                6       Operating deficits
Commission established
1   There is hereby established a regional services commission known as the Lac Ste. Anne Regional Waste Management Services Commission.
Change of name
1.1(1)  The name of the Commission is changed to the Highway 43 East Waste Commission.
(2)  The change of name does not affect any obligation, right, action or property of the Commission.
(3)  The use of the old name of the Commission in any proceedings, agreements, notices or documents after the name has been changed does not affect the validity of those proceedings, agreements, notices or documents.
AR 140/99 s3
2   The following municipalities shall be members of the Commission:
                                 (a)    Lac Ste. Anne County;
                              (a.1)    Alberta Beach;
                                 (b)    Summer Village of Birch Cove;
                                 (c)    Summer Village of Castle Island;
                                 (d)    Summer Village of Nakamun Park;
                                 (e)    Summer Village of Ross Haven;
                              (e.1)    Summer Village of Sandy Beach;
                              (e.2)    Summer Village of Silver Sands;
                                  (f)    Summer Village of South View;
                                 (g)    Summer Village of Sunrise Beach;
                                 (h)    Summer Village of Sunset Point;
                              (h.1)    Summer Village of Val Quentin;
                                  (i)    Summer Village of West Cove;
                                  (j)    Summer Village of Yellowstone;
                                 (k)    Town of Mayerthorpe;
                                  (l)    Town of Onoway;
                                (m)    repealed AR 6/2012 s2.
AR 32/94 s2;154/94;179/2003;6/2012
3(1)  The Commission shall supply solid waste management services
                                 (a)    to all the member municipalities,
                                 (b)    to all customers who are, on the effective date of this Regulation, receiving waste management services from the Lac Ste. Anne Solid Waste Authority, and
                                 (c)    to any additional persons to whom the board of directors of the Commission decides to supply waste management services.
(2)  Waste management services shall be supplied to all customers on an as required basis.
Fees for waste management services
4(1)  The fees to be charged by the Commission to its customers for the supplying of waste management services shall be based on the annual full cost recovery for supplying the services, including an allowance for the reserve accounts established under subsection (3).
(2)  Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the cost referred to in subsection (1) includes the debt service cost of debenture repayments.
(3)  The Commission may establish and maintain one or more reserve accounts for the works to provide for renewals, alterations, extensions and contingencies in respect to the works and shall credit the reserve accounts and expend, use, apply and appropriate funds from them for the purposes and in the amounts it determines.
(4)  The amounts in a reserve account established under subsection (3) may be blended with other reserve accounts established by the Commission.
(5)  The total amount to be placed in reserve accounts by the Commission shall be established by the board of directors on an annual basis.
(6)  Each member municipality shall receive waste management services from the Commission at the same rate.
(7)  Retail waste management rates shall be determined by each of the member municipalities.
(8)  The Commission shall establish retail rates for customers other than member municipalities.
Transfer of property
5(1)  The member municipalities shall execute all documents and do all things necessary to transfer to the Commission all land, buildings and personal property listed in the Schedule to this Regulation.
(2)  The Commission shall not, without the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, sell any of the land, buildings or personal property used in connection with the supply of waste management services whose purchase has been funded wholly or partly by provincial grants.
(3)  The Lieutenant Governor in Council may give approval under subsection (2) if satisfied
                                 (a)    as to the repayment of provincial grants and outstanding debt associated with that portion of the land, buildings and personal property to be sold,
                                 (b)    that the sale would not have a significant adverse effect on the supply of waste management services by the Commission, and
                                 (c)    that the sale will be properly reflected in the waste management rates subsequently charged to the customers of the Commission.
Operating deficits
6   The Commission shall not assume operating deficits with respect to the land, buildings or personal property that are shown on the books of any of the member municipalities or of the Lac Ste. Anne Solid Waste Authority. Schedule   
  Location Legal Description Land Owner Regional Landfill Site N.E. 18-55-3-W5th Leased from Alberta Energy, Forestry, Lands & Wildlife Mayerthorpe Transfer Station S.E. 23-57-9-W5th Leased from Town of Mayerthorpe Sangudo Transfer Station S.E. 31-56-6-W5th Leased from Village of Sangudo Rochfort Bridge Transfer Station S.W. 25-57-8-W5th Letter of Approval from County No. 28 Cherhill Transfer Station N.E. 4-56-5-W5th Letter of Approval from County No. 28 Darwell Transfer Station N.W. 17-54-4-W5th Letter of Approval from County No. 28 Rich Valley Transfer Station S.W. 35-56-3-W5th Letter of Approval from County No. 28 Onoway Transfer Station N.W. 12-55-2-W5th Letter of Approval from County No. 28

                                                                               Original Value
Regional Site Office                                                         $   14 698
Maintenance Building                                                           69 879
Fences @ Regional Site & Transfer Stations                         64 063
Storage and Holding Facilities                                               14 827
                                   Sub Total                                     $  163 467
Track Loader Cat 953                                                   $  118 014
Trailers 32’ (2 x $38 376)                                                   76 752
Water Pump, Tools, Scale                                                   30 553
                                   Sub Total                                    $  225 319
Construction of Sites                                                     $  721 578
Roads                                                                                   79 146
Utilities                                                                                 8 737
Engineering                                                                       163 387
                                   Sub Total                                    $  972 848
                                   GRAND TOTAL                        $1 361 634

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