Electronic Transactions Act Designation Regulation

Link to law: http://www.qp.alberta.ca/1266.cfm?page=2003_035.cfm&leg_type=Regs&isbncln=9780779779017&display=html
Published: 2014

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Electronic Transactions Act
1(1)  In this Regulation, “Act” means the Electronic Transactions Act.
(2)  For the purposes of section 1(1)(h)(ii) of the Act, an agency, board, commission, corporation, office or other body listed in the Schedule is considered to be a public body. Expiry
2   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on March 31, 2018.
AR 35/2003 s2;43/2013
Coming into force
3   This Regulation comes into force on the coming into force of the Electronic Transactions Act. Schedule
All boards, committees and councils established under section 7 of the Government Organization Act, whether or not they are included in the list of agencies, boards, commissions, corporations, offices or other bodies designated below as public bodies.
Any subsidiary of a public body designated below.
Aboriginal Relations
●    Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal
●    Office of the Metis Settlements Ombudsman
Agriculture and Rural Development
●    Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
●    Agricultural Development Committee
●    Agricultural Operation Practices Act Policy Advisory Group
●    Agricultural Operation Practices Act Practice Review
●    Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council
●    Alberta Grains Council
●    Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd.
●    Farmers’ Advocate
●    Farm Implement Board
●    Farm Safety Advisory Council
●    Hall of Fame Selection Committee
●    Institute for Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment
●    Irrigation Council
●    Marketing of Agricultural Products Act — Appeal Tribunal
●    Minister’s Advisory Committee on Rural Development
●    Next Generation Advisory Council
●    Production Animal Medicine Advisory Committee
●    Alberta Film Advisory Council
●    Alberta Foundation for the Arts
●    Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
●    Government House Foundation
●    Premier’s Council on Culture
●    Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Advisory Board
●    Wild Rose Foundation
●    Attendance Board
●    Board of Reference
●    Certification Appeal Committee
●    Council on Alberta Teaching Standards
●    Practice Review Appeal Committee
●    Practice Review Complainant Committee
●    Practice Review General Panel
●    Practice Review Hearing Committees
●    Special Needs Tribunal
●    Alberta Energy Regulator
●    Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission
●    Alberta Utilities Commission
Enterprise and Advanced Education
●    Access Advisory Council
●    Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board
●    Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer
●    Alberta Economic Development Authority
●    Alberta Enterprise Corporation
●    Alberta Innovates – Bio Solutions
●    Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions
●    Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions
●    Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
●    Alberta Post‑Secondary Application System Society
●    Alberta Research and Innovation Authority
●    Alberta Research and Innovation Committee
●    Appeal Boards appointed under Part 4 of the Apprenticeship
       and Industry Training Act
●    Appeal Boards appointed under the Land Agents Licensing Act
●    Campus Alberta Quality Council
●    Committees established under section 4 of the Alberta Heritage
       Scholarship Act
●    Land Agent Advisory Committee
●    Northern Alberta Development Council
●    Student Financial Assistance Appeal Committees
●    Students Finance Board
Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
●    Drainage Council
●    Environmental Appeals Board
●    Land Compensation Board
●    Natural Resources Conservation Board
●    Surface Rights Board
Executive Council
●    Alberta Order of Excellence Council
●    Corporate Human Resources
       ●   Classification Appeal Board
       ●   Government of Alberta Dental Plan Trust
       ●   Government Employees Group Extended Medical Benefits
             Plan Trust
●    Public Affairs Bureau
●    Regulatory Review Secretariat
●    Alberta Advisory Committee on HIV and Sexually Transmitted
●    Alberta Aids to Daily Living and Extended Health Benefits
       Appeal Panels
●    Alberta Committee on Oncology Drugs
●    Alberta Expert Review Panel for Blood Borne Viral Infections
       in Health Care Workers
●    Alberta Health Facilities Review Committee
●    Appeal Boards appointed under the Social Care Facilities
       Licensing Act (common responsibility with Human Services)
●    Appeal Panels appointed under the Protection for Persons in
       Care Act
●    Appeal Panels appointed under the Seniors Benefit Act
●    Appeal Panels appointed under the Supportive Living
       Accommodation Licensing Act
●    Electronic Health Record Data Stewardship Committee
●    Expert Committee on Drug Evaluation and Therapeutics
●    Health Disciplines Board
●    Health Professions Advisory Board
●    Hospital Privileges Appeal Board
●    Mental Health Patient Advocate
●    MS Drug Review Panel
●    Out‑of‑Country Health Services Appeal Panel
●    Out‑of‑Country Health Services Committee
●    Premier’s Advisory Council on Health
●    Public Health Appeal Board
●    Review Panels appointed under the Mental Health Act
●    Seniors Advisory Council for Alberta
Human Services
●    Appeal Boards appointed under the Social Care Facilities
       Licensing Act (common responsibility with Health)
●    Appeals Commission under the Workers’        Compensation Act
●    Appeal Committees established under the Family Support for
       Children with Disabilities Act
●    Appeal Panels appointed under the Widows’ Pension Act
●    Appeal Panels established under the Assured Income for the
       Severely Handicapped Act
●    Appeal Panels established under the Child Care Licensing Act
●    Appeal Panels established under the Child, Youth and Family
       Enhancement Act
●    Appeal Panels established under the Income and Employment
       Supports Act
●    Appeal Panels established under the Persons with
       Developmental Disabilities Community Governance
       (Ministerial) Regulation (AR 181/2006)
●    Board of Examiners (for mining) under the Occupational
       Health and Safety Regulation (AR 62/2003)
●    Child and Family Services Authorities established under the
       Child and Family Services Authorities Act
       ●   Calgary and Area CFSA
       ●   Central Alberta CFSA
       ●   East Central Alberta CFSA
       ●   Edmonton and Area CFSA
       ●   Metis Settlements CFSA
       ●   North Central Alberta CFSA
       ●   Northeast Alberta CFSA
       ●   Northwest Alberta CFSA
       ●   Southeast Alberta CFSA
       ●   Southwest Alberta CFSA
●    Child and Family Services Council for Quality Assurance
●    Disability Related Employment Supports Review Committee
●    Expert Review Panel on the Child and Family Services Council
       for Quality Assurance
●    Family Support for Children with Disabilities
       Multi‑disciplinary Assessment Committee
●    Health Benefits Exception Committee under the Income
       Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation
       (AR 122/2011)
●    Interagency Council on Homelessness
●    Joint First Aid Training Standards Board
●    Labour Relations Board
●    Medical Panels established under the Workers’ Compensation
●    Occupational Health and Safety Council
●    Persons with Developmental Disabilities
       ●   Calgary Region Community Board
       ●   Central Region Community Board
       ●   Edmonton Region Community Board
       ●   Northeast Region Community Board
       ●   Northwest Region Community Board
       ●   South Region Community Board
●    Premier’s Council on Alberta’s Promise
●    Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities
●    Provincial Parent Advisory Committee
●    Provincial Stakeholder Advisory Committee
●    Public Emergency Tribunal under the Burial of the Dead Act
●    Radiation Health Advisory Committee
●    Service Quality Committee for Aboriginal Permanency
●    Social Care Facilities Review Committee
●    Umpires under the Employment Standards Code
●    Workers’ Compensation Board
●    Youth Secretariat
Justice and Solicitor General
●    Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
●    Alberta Review Board
●    Appeal Panels appointed under the Civil Enforcement
       Regulation (AR 276/95)
●    Criminal Injuries Review Board
●    Fatality Review Board
●    Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Education
       Fund Advisory Committee
●    Law Enforcement Review Board
●    Notaries Public Review Committee
●    Provincial Court Nominating Committee
●    Victims of Crime Programs Committee
●    Youth Justice Committees sanctioned by the Solicitor General
       and Minister of Public Security through section 18 of the Youth
       Criminal Justice Act (Canada)
Municipal Affairs
●    Alberta Emergency Management Agency
●    Alberta Social Housing Corporation
●    Municipal Government Board
●    Safety Codes Council
●    Special Areas Board
Service Alberta
●    Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board
●    Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council
●    Appeal Boards appointed under the Cemeteries Act
●    Appeal Boards appointed under the Fair Trading Act
●    Appeal Boards appointed under the Funeral Services Act
●    Debtors’ Assistance Board
●    Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service
●    Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) Advisory Board
Tourism, Parks and Recreation
●    Aboriginal Tourism Advisory Council
●    Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation
●    Strategic Tourism Marketing Council
●    Travel Alberta
●    Alberta Transportation Safety Board
Treasury Board and Finance
●    Alberta Capital Finance Authority
●    Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
●    Alberta Gaming Research Council
●    Alberta Insurance Council
●    Alberta Investment Management Corporation
●    Alberta Local Authorities Pension Plan Corp.
●    Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
●    Alberta Securities Commission
●    Alberta Securities Commission Policy Advisory Committee
●    Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund Board
●    Alberta Treasury Branches
●    Appeal Board Panels formed under the Insurance Councils
       Regulation (AR 126/2001)
●    Appeal Tribunal appointed under section 23 of the Horse
       Racing Alberta Act
●    ATB Investment Services Inc.
●    Audit Committee
●    Automobile Insurance Rate Board
●    Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
●    Endowment Fund Policy Committee
●    Gainers Inc.
●    General Insurance Council
●    Insurance Adjusters’ Council
●    Investment Operations Committee
●    Life Insurance Council
●    Local Authorities Pension Plan Board of Trustees
●    Management Employees Pension Board
●    N.A. Properties (1994) Ltd. (amalgamates 354713 Alberta Ltd.,
       391760 Alberta Ltd. and S.C. Properties Ltd.) and subsidiaries
●    Nominating committee established under the Alberta
       Investment Management Corporation Regulation)
       (AR 225/2007)
●    Provincial Judges and Masters in Chambers Pension
       Plan Advisory Committee
●    Public Service Pension Board
●    Special Forces Pension Board
●    Supplementary Retirement Plan for Public Service Managers
       Advisory Committee
AR 35/2003 Sched.;108/2004;221/2004;8/2005;254/2007; 43/2013;89/2013;45/2014