Dental Surgical Facility Accreditation Regulation

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Health Professions Act
Table of Contents
                1       Interpretation
                2       Starting an application
                3       Routing of the application
                4       Accreditation requirements
                5       Compliance with standards
                6       Application considerations
                7       Decision
                8       Coming into force Interpretation
1(1)  In this Regulation,
                                 (a)    “Act” means the Health Professions Act;
                                 (b)    “Schedule 7” means Schedule 7 to the Act.
(2)  The definitions in section 11 of Schedule 7 apply to this Regulation.
Starting an application
2(1)  An operator seeking accreditation or renewal of accreditation of a dental surgical facility must submit an application to the registrar on a form satisfactory to the council and must pay the applicable fees as required by the bylaws.
(2)  An application for renewal of an accreditation of a dental surgical facility must be submitted to the registrar at least 3 months prior to the date of expiry of the facility’s current accreditation.
Routing of the application
3   On receipt of an application under section 14(1) of Schedule 7, the registrar must forward the application to the accreditation committee.
Accreditation requirements
4   The accreditation requirements for dental surgical facilities are compliance with the standards for dental surgical facilities approved and published by the council respecting
                                 (a)    general safety,
                                 (b)    anesthesia,
                                 (c)    patient care,
                                 (d)    operating room management,
                                 (e)    recovery room management,
                                  (f)    patient discharge,
                                 (g)    infection prevention and control,
                                 (h)    facility operation, equipment and documentation,
                                  (i)    notification of deaths or significant mishaps,
                                  (j)    quality assurance and continuous quality improvement, and
                                 (k)    concerns and complaint management.
Compliance with standards
5   Dental surgical facilities and regulated members employed at or under contract with respect to those facilities must comply with the standards referred to in section 4.
Application considerations
6   In determining whether to grant an accreditation or renewal of accreditation, the accreditation committee must consider whether the dental surgical facility complies with the standards referred to in section 4.
7   The accreditation committee on making a decision under section 14(2) of Schedule 7 must advise the applicant, in accordance with section 14(4) of Schedule 7 as soon as reasonably possible.
Coming into force
8   This Regulation comes into force on the coming into force of sections 11 to 18 of Schedule 7.