Construction Craft Labourer Occupation Regulation

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Published: 2008

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Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act
Table of Contents
                1       Definitions
                2       Constitution of the occupation
                3       Tasks, activities and functions                 4       Repeal
                5       Expiry
                6       Coming into force
1   In this Regulation,
                                 (a)    “buildings, structures or premises” includes:
                                           (i)    municipal sewer and water mains;
                                          (ii)    roads;
                                         (iii)    dams;
                                         (iv)    bridges;
                                          (v)    tunnels;
                                         (vi)    railways;
                                        (vii)    canals and other similar works;
                                 (b)    “occupation” means the occupation of construction craft labourer that is designated as a designated occupation pursuant to the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act.
Constitution of the occupation
2   The undertakings that constitute the occupation are the preparation, clean‑up, material handling, demolition, excavation and compaction on or around buildings, structures or premises.
Tasks, activities and functions
3   When practising or otherwise carrying out work in the occupation, the following tasks, activities and functions come within the occupation:
                                 (a)    site preparation, maintenance and cleanup;
                                 (b)    excavation, subgrade work and compaction;
                                 (c)    assisting with concrete and similar work and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes
                                           (i)    placement, consolidation and strike‑off of concrete and masonry;
                                          (ii)    maintenance of curing conditions;
                                         (iii)    demolition and removal of concrete and masonry;
                                         (iv)    mixing and distribution of grout and mortar;
                                          (v)    stock piling and distribution of masonry units and building materials;
                                         (vi)    installation of edge forms;
                                        (vii)    cleaning and coating of formwork and stripping of non‑reusable formwork;
                                       (viii)    installation of concrete paving stones;
                                 (d)    cleaning and securing the building site and containing construction refuse;
                                 (e)    operating and maintaining gasoline, pneumatic, power actuated, electric and hydraulic tools related to the occupation;
                                  (f)    flame cutting of mild non‑tempered steel;
                                 (g)    operating and maintaining stationary compressors and portable generators used in carrying out the undertakings that constitute the occupation;
                                 (h)    using and maintaining hand and power tools related to the occupation;
                                  (i)    using basic site management procedures;
                                  (j)    assisting with survey and measurement activities related to the occupation;
                                 (k)    excavating, trenching, backfilling and compacting around foundation structures with tools related to the occupation;
                                  (l)    preparing piles and bells;
                                (m)    installing subgrade drainage and foundation damp‑proofing;
                                 (n)    setting up and assembling ladders and scaffolding for use by construction craft labourers;
                                 (o)    transporting scaffolding components to and from the site at which the scaffolds are to be erected;
                                 (p)    assisting with the excavation shoring and placement of temporary enclosures;
                                 (q)    performing rigging related to the occupation;
                                  (r)    signalling with respect to the operation of construction equipment;
                                 (s)    installing, connecting, tying‑in and testing works that make up municipal sewer and water mains.
4   The Construction Craft Labourer Occupation Regulation (AR 237/96) is repealed.
5   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on March 31, 2017.
AR 270/2000 s5;282/2002;8/2008
Coming into force
6   This Regulation comes into force on January 1, 2001.