Calgary Election Regulation

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Published: 2012

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AR 293/2009 CALGARY ELECTION REGULATION (Consolidated up to 140/2015)
Local Authorities Election Act
Table of Contents
                1      Definitions
                2      Modification of election procedure
                3      Section 52 identification
                4      Modifications respecting advance voting                 5      Modification respecting special ballots
                6      Modification respecting copies of voter register
                7      Repeal
                8      Expiry
1   In this Regulation,
                               (a)    “Act” means the Local Authorities Election Act;
                              (b)    “Form 8” means Form 8 of Schedule 1 under the Local Authorities Election Forms Regulation (AR 106/2007);
                               (c)    “returning officer” means the returning officer for the City of Calgary.
Modification of election procedure
2(1)  The system for the conduct and procedure of an election or a vote under the Act is modified for use by the City of Calgary to the extent provided as follows:
                               (a)    a card having only the same contents as Form 8 is to be created for every elector enumerated in an enumeration conducted pursuant to bylaw no. 8M86 of the City of Calgary or any successor to that bylaw;
                              (b)    on election day the cards for each voting station must be kept by a deputy for that station;
                               (c)    on election day an elector attending at a voting station must obtain his or her card and then present the card to the deputy issuing ballots;
                              (d)    corrections to information on a card must be initialled by the elector;
                               (e)    if no card has been created for an elector or the card cannot be located, the deputy must create a card for that elector that has the same information as contained in Form 8;
                               (f)    the deputy may only issue a ballot if the elector makes the statement referred to in section 53(1)(b) of the Act and the elector signs the card;
                               (g)    immediately after issuing the ballot the deputy must complete and retain the card.
(2)  The cards marked in accordance with subsection (1) constitute the voting register.
AR 293/2009 s2;178/2012
Section 52 identification
3   Instead of identification referred to in section 52 of the Act, the returning officer may, on proof of identity satisfactory to the returning officer, issue photo identification to an enumerator and that photo identification shall, for the purposes of section 52, be treated as if it were identification provided by the City of Calgary.
Modifications respecting advance voting
4   The system and procedure for advance voting is modified for use by the City of Calgary as follows:
                               (a)    sections 77 and 83(3) and (4) of the Act do not apply;
                              (b)    section 78(5) of the Act does not apply in the case of an elector who is blind, and the following applies instead:
                                        (i)    the deputy shall provide at advance voting stations on an as‑required basis blind voter templates that will allow the elector to vote entirely unassisted;
                                      (ii)    the returning officer shall ensure that advertisements for advance voting stations contain statements that blind voter templates will be available only at advance voting stations and will not be available on election day.
AR 293/2009 s4;178/2012
Modification respecting special ballots
5   Section 77.1(2) of the Act is modified for use by the City of Calgary to allow for applications for a special ballot to be made through a publicly accessible secure website maintained by the City of Calgary.
Modification respecting copies of voter register
6   Sections 90, 92, 93, 94, 101 and 102(1) of the Act are modified for use by the City of Calgary to the extent provided as follows:
                               (a)    the presiding deputy shall not make a copy of the voting registers referred to in section 90(2) of the Act or deliver that copy to the returning officer under section 94(1) of the Act;
                              (b)    at the completion of the counting of the ballots, the presiding deputy shall
                                        (i)    make a packet of the voting register cards referred to in section 2(2) on which an objection has been noted under section 54 of the Act, if any, separate from the packet made under section 91(1)(f) of the Act that contains the rest of the voting register,
                                      (ii)    seal the packet and mark it on the outside with the information referred to in section 92 of the Act, and
                                     (iii)    place the packet in the ballot box before it is closed and sealed under section 93 of the Act;
                               (c)    commencing the day after election day, if a person makes a request to view the copy of the voting register on which objections have been noted in accordance with section 90(3) of the Act, the returning officer shall
                                        (i)    break the seal of the presiding deputy on the ballot box and open the ballot box,
                                      (ii)    open the packet containing the voting register cards on which objections have been noted and make a copy of each card,
                                     (iii)    seal the packet with the returning officer’s seal and return it to the ballot box, and
                                     (iv)    close the ballot box and seal it with the returning officer’s seal;
                              (d)    the copy of the voting register cards made under clause (c) shall be shown to the person who made the request and to any subsequent person who requests to view the copy in accordance with section 90(3) of the Act;
                               (e)    the secretary shall destroy the packet made under clause (b) along with the copies made under clause (c) in accordance with section 101 of the Act.
7   The Calgary Election Regulation (AR 31/2004) is repealed.
8   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on October 31, 2019.
AR 293/2009 s8;178/2012;140/2015