Authorized Accredited Agencies Regulation

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Published: 2012

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Government Organization Act
Table of Contents
                1       Definitions
                2       Delegation of powers, duties and functions
                3       Conditions
                4       Limiting legal liability
                6       Records
                7       Reporting
                8       Expiry
Schedule Definitions
1   In this Regulation,
                                 (a)    “Act” means the Safety Codes Act;
                                 (b)    repealed AR 205/2007 s2;
                                 (c)    “authorization agreement” means a written agreement between the Minister and an accredited agency entered into for the purposes of this Regulation;
                                 (d)    “Authorized Accredited Agency” means an accredited agency as defined in the Safety Codes Act that is listed in the Schedule and that has entered into an authorization agreement;
                                 (e)    “Contract Administrator” means the person assigned by the Minister to administer an authorization agreement;
                                 (f)    “Council” means the Safety Codes Council;
                                 (g)    “Deputy Minister” means the Deputy Minister of the Minister;
                                 (h)    “Minister” means the Minister responsible for the Safety Codes Act;
                                  (i)    “Permit Regulation” means the Permit Regulation (AR 204/2007).
AR 184/95 s1;251/2001;221/2004;205/2007;135/2010
Delegation of powers, duties and functions
2(1)  Subject to subsection (4), the powers, duties and functions of a safety codes officer under section 44 of the Act when acting under the Permit Regulation are delegated to Authorized Accredited Agencies.
(2)  Subject to subsection (4), an Authorized Accredited Agency is authorized, with the approval of the Minister, to impose and collect assessments, fees and charges with respect to the powers, duties and functions delegated to it under this section.
(3)  The assessments, fees and charges referred to in subsection (2) may be imposed on and collected from persons who apply for or are provided services, materials or programs by the Authorized Accredited Agency.
(4)  Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply with respect to
                                 (a)    the issuance of permits for storage tank systems, or
                                 (b)    the exercise of the powers or the performance of the duties and functions for which
                                           (i)    a municipality is accredited within the boundaries of the municipality,
                                          (ii)    a regional services commission is accredited within the boundaries of its members, or
                                         (iii)    a corporation is accredited with respect to what is owned by the corporation or under the corporation’s care and control.
(5)  Where, in the opinion of the Minister, an Authorized Accredited Agency has not complied with the terms of the Act, Schedule 10 to the Government Organization Act, this Regulation or the Authorized Accredited Agency’s authorization agreement, the Minister may direct a safety codes officer to exercise the powers and perform the duties and functions of that Authorized Accredited Agency, including providing services with respect to permits issued by that Authorized Accredited Agency.
AR 184/95 s2;251/2001;205/2007;135/2010
3   The delegation under section 2 is subject to the following conditions:
                                 (a)    the Authorized Accredited Agency must exercise its powers and authorizations and perform its duties and functions delegated to it by this Regulation in accordance with its Authorization Agreement and this Regulation;
                                 (b)    neither an Authorized Accredited Agency nor any director, officer, employee or agent of an Authorized Accredited Agency may lay an information with respect to an offence under the Act without the consent of the Deputy Minister;
                                 (c)    subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, no personal information or trade secret, as defined in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, acquired by an Authorized Accredited Agency or its directors, officers, employees and agents may be disclosed or made known to any other person except
                                           (i)    on request, to the Minister, Deputy Minister, Council or Contract Administrator,
                                          (ii)    with the consent of the person to whom the personal information relates, or
                                         (iii)    with the consent of the person who provided the trade secret to the Authorized Accredited Agency or its directors, officers, employees or agents;
                                 (d)    repealed AR 135/2010 s4;
                                 (e)    all money received by an Authorized Accredited Agency pursuant to this Regulation must be recorded and accounted for in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and receipts for the money received must be provided on the request of the person paying the money.
AR 184/95 s3;135/2010
Limiting legal liability
4(1)  No action lies against an Authorized Accredited Agency or against all or any of its directors, officers, employees or agents for anything done or not done by any of them in good faith while carrying out their powers, duties and functions under this Regulation.
(2)  When exercising its powers or performing its duties or functions under this Regulation and the authorization agreement, the Authorized Accredited Agency and its directors, officers, employees and agents are not liable for any damage caused by a decision related to the system of inspections, examinations, evaluations and investigations, including but not limited to a decision relating to their frequency and the manner in which they are carried out, if the frequency or manner does not contravene the Authorized Accredited Agency’s authorization agreement.
AR 184/95 s4;135/2010
5   Repealed AR 135/2010 s6.
6   All records in the custody or under the control of an Authorized Accredited Agency that are required for carrying out the delegated powers, duties and functions under this Regulation must be managed and maintained in accordance with the following conditions:
                                 (a)    subject to section 3(c), all confidential information must be kept confidential;
                                 (b)    an Authorized Accredited Agency must establish appropriate rules, satisfactory to the Contract Administrator, to ensure that confidential information is kept confidential;
                                 (c)    all records created or maintained in the course of carrying out the functions of an Authorized Accredited Agency become and remain the property of the Crown in right of Alberta and must be given to the Contract Administrator as required by the authorization agreement;
                                 (d)    all requests for information received by an Authorized Accredited Agency pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act must be referred to the Contract Administrator;
                                 (e)    an Authorized Accredited Agency must provide to the Contract Administrator all records required under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, within 2 days of a request being received by the Authorized Accredited Agency pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
AR 184/95 s6;135/2010
7   The Authorized Accredited Agency shall report on its activities to the Minister at least once a year, at a time and in a manner specified by the Minister as set out in the authorization agreement, and in accordance with section 10 of Schedule 10 to the Government Organization Act.
AR 184/95 s7;221/2004
8   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on January 31, 2018.
AR 135/2010 s8;226/2012 Schedule    
Accredited Agencies
1   1016987 Alberta Inc. (operating as SIID Consulting), A000297
2   511296 Alberta Ltd. (operating as Power & Energy Consulting), A000802
3   998046 Alberta Ltd. (operating as Canadian Safety Consulting Services), A000838
4   Acceptable Fire Inspections and Training Ltd., A000807
5   Acceptable Solutions Inspection Services, A000861
6   Accucode Inspections Ltd., A000298
7   Action Elevator Service Ltd., A000265
8   Alberta Boiler Safety Association, A000140
9   Alberta Elevating Devices & Amusement Rides Safety Association, A000248
10   Alberta Inspection Services, A000115
11   All Fire Investigations Inc., A000304
12   A.S. Roach Fire Services Ltd., A000188
13   A.W.B. Building Inspection Service Agency, A000201
14   Bond Electrical Consulting Ltd., A000173
15   Broere Electric Ltd., A000107
16   Capital Compliance Corp., A000859
17   City of Edmonton Community Services Department Fire Rescue Services/Fire Prevention, A000235
18   City of Lethbridge Fire Department & Investigations Agency, A000179
19   Clearwater Electric Ltd., A000814
20   CMA Inspection Ltd., A000834
21   Davis Inspection Services Ltd., A000106
22   Demco Enterprises Ltd., A000187
23   D.R. Inspections & Permits Ltd., A000279
24   Dransfield Inspection Services Ltd., A000143
25   Dynamysk Automation, A000841
26   Elspect Electrical Ltd., A000132
27   Fire Spectrum Inc., A000252
28   Grande Prairie Fire Department ‑ Agency, A000186
29   Grissol Griselda & Co. Ltd. (operating as G G Services), A000232
30   Hillside Home Inspection Services Inc., A000103
31   IJD Inspections Ltd., A000167
32   JDW Enterprise Inc., A000292
33   Kautz Inspection Services, A000148
34   KJA Consultants Inc., A000250
35   L.B. Electrical Inspection Services, A000228
36   Leduc County, A000216
37   Lerch Bates North America Inc., A000287
38   L.P. Electrical Contracting And Consulting Services Ltd., A000144
39   Lyd‑Von Inspection Services Ltd., A000833
40   Marex Canada Ltd., A000200
41   Medicine Hat Fire Department, A000262
42   MKG Industries Ltd., A000852
43   Oilfield Electrical Inspection Ltd., A000293
44   Outwest Building Inspection Consultants Ltd., A000837
45   Palliser Regional Municipal Services, A000158
46   Park Enterprises, A000178
47   Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta, A000112
48   Proton Electrical Services, A000818
49   QPS Evaluation Services Inc., A000817
50   Redwigg Consulting Inc., A000836
51   Rocky View County, A000840
52   Safety Codes Council, A000295
53   SCM Risk Management Services Inc., A000299
54   Solucore Inc., A000835
55   Southeastern Inspection Services, A000222
56   Superior Safety Codes Inc., A000300
57   The Inspections Group Inc., A000202
58   Town of Lacombe ‑ Agency, A000198
59   Town of Whitecourt ‑ Agency, A000269
60   Traffic‑Air Inc. (Operating as FirePower Fire Investigation Training & Consulting), A000853
61   TransAlta Utilities, A000246
62   Vinspec Ltd., A000211
63   Westcan Fire Safety Services, A000213
AR 184/95 Sched.;265/95;21/96;76/96;278/96;103/2000; 254/2000;186/2001;135/2010;226/2012