Aqua 7 Regional Water Commission Regulation

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Published: 2011

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AR 224/2003 AQUA 7 REGIONAL WATER COMMISSION REGULATION (consolidated up to 137/2011)
Municipal Government Act
Table of Contents
                1       Establishment
             1.1       Change of name
                2       Members
                3       Services
                4       Operating deficits
                5       Sale of property
                6       Profit and surpluses
                7       Approval Establishment
1   A regional services commission known as the Kneehill Regional Water Services Commission is established.
Change of name
1.1(1)  The name of the Commission is changed to the Aqua 7 Regional Water Commission.
(2)  The change of name does not affect any obligation, right, action or property of the Commission.
(3)  The use of the former name of the Commission in any proceedings, agreements, notices or documents after the name has been changed does not affect the validity of those proceedings, agreements, notices or documents.
AR 137/2011 s3
2   The following municipalities are members of the Commission:
                                 (a)    Kneehill County;
                                 (b)    Municipal District of Rocky View No. 44;
                                 (c)    Village of Acme;
                                 (d)    Village of Beiseker;
                                 (e)    Village of Carbon;
                                 (f)    Village of Irricana;
                                 (g)    Village of Linden.
3   The Commission is authorized to provide and operate a water supply system.
Operating deficits
4   The Commission may not assume operating deficits that are shown on the books of any of the member municipalities.
Sale of property
5(1)  The Commission may not, without the approval of the Minister, sell any of its land, buildings, equipment or inventory whose purchase has been funded wholly or partly by grants from the Government of Alberta.
(2)  The Minister may not approve a sale under subsection (1) unless the Minister is satisfied
                                 (a)    as to the repayment of the grants from the Government of Alberta and outstanding debt associated with that portion of the land, buildings, equipment or inventory to be sold,
                                 (b)    that the sale would not have a significant adverse effect on the services the Commission provides, and
                                 (c)    that the sale will be properly reflected in the rates subsequently charged to the customers of the Commission.
Profit and surpluses
6   Unless otherwise approved by the Minister, the Commission may not
                                 (a)    operate for the purposes of making a profit, or
                                 (b)    distribute any of its surpluses to its member municipalities.
7   The Minister may make an approval under section 5 or 6 subject to any terms or conditions the Minister considers appropriate.