Alberta School Boards Association Act

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Published: 2013-05-27

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Chapter A‑32
Table of Contents
                1       Definition
                2       Incorporation
                3       Powers
                4       Borrowing
                5       Membership
                6       Members
                7       Exclusion of board from membership
                8       Bylaws
                9       Regulations HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, enacts as follows:
1   In this Act, “association” means the Alberta School Boards Association constituted under this Act.
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s1;1991 c21 s2
2(1)  The Alberta School Trustees’ Association as previously constituted is continued as a corporation with the same name.
(2)  Notwithstanding subsection (1), the name of the Association is changed to the “Alberta School Boards Association” on July 1, 1991.
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s2;1991 c21 s2
3   The association has the following objects, powers and purposes:
                                 (a)    to consider and deal with matters relating to education and school administration in Alberta with a view to the betterment of education for the benefit of the public;
                                 (b)    to provide a medium for expression of the views and suggestions of the school boards of Alberta on matters pertaining to education;
                                 (c)    to render advice and assistance to its members on matters affecting them;
                                 (d)    to enter into arrangements for the provision of group benefits to its members and employees and the members and employees of other educational associations;
                                 (e)    to co‑operate with educational associations in Canada in matters of national educational interest;
                                 (f)    to promote the interests of school districts and school divisions throughout Alberta;
                                 (g)    to bring about, for the advancement and betterment of education in Alberta,
                                           (i)    the economical and efficient administration of the affairs of school districts and school divisions, and
                                          (ii)    the economical and efficient performance of all duties undertaken by or imposed on school districts or school divisions;
                                 (h)    to co‑operate for the promotion, guidance and improvement of legislation on educational and school questions;
                                  (i)    generally, to do all acts and things that appear to the association conducive to the good and welfare
                                           (i)    of education in Alberta, or
                                          (ii)    of any one or more school districts or school divisions;
                                  (j)    to do and perform all acts and things incidental to and necessary for the purpose of effecting any of the objects set out in this section.
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s3;1987 c6 s2;1991 c21 s2
4(1)  For any of the purposes set out in section 3, the association
                                 (a)    may borrow money in the amounts, at the rates and on the terms that it considers advisable,
                                 (b)    may, under the signatures of its officers designated by the bylaws of the association, draw, make, accept and endorse bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes as are considered necessary, and
                                 (c)    may acquire by gift, purchase or otherwise, and may sell, exchange, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of, real and personal property.
(2)  No part of the income of the association is payable to or is otherwise available for the personal benefit of a member.
(3)  The President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance may, with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council and on the terms and conditions the Lieutenant Governor in Council prescribes, guarantee on behalf of the Government the repayment as to principal or interest, or both, of any or all of the capital indebtedness of the association.
RSA 2000 cA‑32 s4;2006 c23 s12;2013 c10 s9
5   The period of membership shall coincide with the financial year of the association.
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s5
6(1)  Subject to section 7, a board of trustees of a non‑divisional school district or of a school division is a member of the association if the district or division is in Alberta and the board owns or operates a school building.
(2)  A board of trustees of a publicly supported school system in the City of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories is eligible to be a member of the association.
(3)  The Minister of Learning and the Minister’s Deputy are members of the association by virtue of their offices, but no fees are payable by them to the association.
(4)  If the association considers it advisable and passes a bylaw to that effect, an educational authority that is not referred to in subsections (1) to (3) is eligible to be a member of the association.
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s6;1993 c3 s2
Exclusion of board from membership
7   A board described in section 6(1) may exclude itself from membership in the association for the next following year by giving a notice in writing to the executive director of the association not less than 7 months before the beginning of the next following financial year.
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s7;1994 c23 s5
8(1)  The association in general meeting may pass bylaws respecting
                                 (a)    the election of the executive and officers of the association;
                                 (b)    the formation, regulation, management and dissolution of zones and other sections or divisions of the association, and providing for the delegation to them of any powers it thinks fit, including the power to pass bylaws and rules for the management and regulation of their own business;
                                 (c)    the management of property and affairs of the association;
                                 (d)    the internal organization and administration of the association;
                                 (e)    the maintenance of the association;
                                 (f)    the fixing of annual and other fees payable by the members of the association;
                                 (g)    the time, place and conduct of the annual and other meetings of the association;
                                 (h)    any other matters that it considers necessary or convenient for
                                           (i)    the management of the association, and
                                          (ii)    the promotion of its welfare and the conduct of its business;
                                  (i)    the date of commencement of the financial year of the association.
(2)  The Regulations Act does not apply to bylaws of the association made under subsection (1).
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s8
9   The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations
                                 (a)    for the better carrying out of the purposes of this Act, and
                                 (b)    for the collection of fees from the members of the association.
RSA 1980 cA‑37 s9