Goods Imported and Exported Drawback Regulations

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Goods Imported and Exported Drawback Regulations

Regulations Respecting the Payment of Drawback on Goods Imported into Canada and ExportedShort Title

1 These Regulations may be cited as the Goods Imported and Exported Drawback Regulations.


2 In these Regulations, Minister means the Minister of National Revenue.


3 Subject to these Regulations, the Minister shall authorize the payment to an exporter or importer of goods of a drawback of 99 per cent of the customs duty and excise taxes paid on imported goods that are exported and that have not

(a) been used in Canada for any purpose other than exclusively in the development or production of goods that are to be exported;
(b) been used as plant equipment; and
(c) been damaged prior to such export.

4 A claim for drawback shall

(a) be made in such form as the Minister may prescribe;

(b) be accompanied by

(i) waivers from any persons, other than the claimant, who, pursuant to these Regulations, could be entitled to claim a drawback, and
(ii) such other evidence of entitlement to the drawback as is satisfactory to the Minister; and

(c) be filed at a customs office within two years of the date of exportation shown on each export entry referred to in the claim.

5 No payment shall be made in respect of any claim for drawback unless the customs duty and excise taxes on the goods in respect of which the claim referred to in section 4 is made were paid within the three-year period immediately preceding the date of exportation of the imported goods and have not been refunded.