Civilian Dental Treatment Regulations

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Civilian Dental Treatment Regulations

Regulations Respecting Dental Treatment for Civilians by the Canadian Forces Dental ServicesShort Title

1 These Regulations may be cited as the Civilian Dental Treatment Regulations.


2 In these Regulations, isolated area means an area in which a unit designated as an isolated unit by the Minister of National Defence is located and includes such surrounding area as may be determined by the commanding officer of that unit.


3 Except where the dental treatment of members of the Canadian Forces would be interfered with, dental officers of the Canadian Forces Dental Services may provide dental treatment to civilians

(a) in an emergency, for the relief of pain or for the repair of broken dentures, where civilian dental facilities are not available;
(b) in isolated areas where no civilian dental facilities exist; or
(c) at the request of a provincial dental licensing body where that body considers it necessary to supplement civilian services.

4 The Minister of National Defence may prescribe the procedure to be followed and the form to be used in arranging and making payment for dental treatment provided pursuant to these Regulations.

5 Subject to section 6, fees payable by patients for dental treatment provided pursuant to these Regulations after June 30, 1972 shall be the fees set out for that treatment in the schedule of fees of the provincial dental association in

(a) the province in which the treatment is provided, where the treatment is provided in a province other than the Yukon Territory or the Northwest Territories;
(b) the Province of British Columbia, where the treatment is provided in the Yukon Territory;
(c) the Province of Alberta, where the treatment is provided in the Northwest Territories; or
(d) the Province of Ontario, where the treatment is provided outside Canada.

6 Where, in respect of any dental treatment provided pursuant to these Regulations, the applicable schedule of fees referred to in section 5

(a) does not set out any fee for that treatment,
(b) does not set out a fixed fee, or
(c) authorizes discretionary increases or decreases in the fees set out therein,

the Minister of National Defence may, on the recommendation of the commanding officer of the dental unit that provided the treatment, determine the fee to be charged therefor having regard to that recommendation and to prevailing charges for that type of treatment in the location where the treatment is provided.

7 Fees paid pursuant to these Regulations shall be deposited to the credit of the Receiver General.