Alberta Hog Marketing Levies Order

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Alberta Hog Marketing Levies Order

Registration 1984-02-21
Order Providing for the Fixing, Imposing and Collecting of Levies from Hog Producers in the Province of AlbertaThe Alberta Pork Producers’ Marketing Board, pursuant to section 4 of the Alberta Hog Order, C.R.C., c. 130, hereby makes the annexed Order providing for the fixing, imposing and collecting of levies from hog producers in the Province of Alberta.
Edmonton, Alberta, January 26, 1984Short Title

1 This Order may be cited as the Alberta Hog Marketing Levies Order.


2 In this Order,

Act means the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act of Alberta; (Loi)
Board means the Alberta Pork Producers Development Corporation established pursuant to the Act; (Office)
hog means any member of the species Sus Scrofia L. produced in Alberta and known as domestic pig; (porc)
producer means a person engaged in the production of hogs in the Province of Alberta. (producteur)

SOR/97-573, s. 1.


3 Every producer shall pay to the Board, in respect of any hogs sold by the producer in interprovincial or export trade, a levy in the amount of:

(a) $1.00 per hog for every hog that is 50 kg or more live weight; and
(b) $0.25 per hog for every hog that is less than 50 kg live weight.

SOR/87-61, s. 1;
SOR/97-573, s. 2;
SOR/2005-331, s. 1;
SOR/2006-170, s. 1.

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Method of Payment

4 Every producer shall pay the levy described in section 3 to the Board at its office in Edmonton, Alberta, not later than the 15th day of the month following the month in which the hogs were sold.