Maritime Economic Cooperation Act

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Published: 2016-01-05

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Maritime Economic Cooperation Act


Maritime Economic Cooperation Act

Purpose of Act
1 The purpose of this Act is to set out the commitment by thegovernments of the Maritime Provinces to closer economic cooperationwith the objective of achieving economic self-reliance for the MaritimeProvinces and thereby improving the well-being and prosperity of thepeople living in the Maritime Provinces. 1992, c. 7, s. 1.

2 In this Act, "Maritime Provinces" means the Province of NovaScotia, the Province of New Brunswick and the Province of PrinceEdward Island. 1992, c. 7, s. 2.


Guiding principles
3 (1) In future actions that affect the economy of the MaritimeProvinces, the governments of the Maritime Provinces are to be guidedby the following principles:

(a) maintain the authority of each government and legislature;

(b) protect and enhance the right of all residents of the MaritimeProvinces to participate fully in the Maritime economy regardlessof language and geographic location and in accordance with theHuman Rights Act;

(c) protect and enhance the linguistic rights and culturalidentities of the people of the Maritime Provinces;

(d) meet the needs of future generations by following theprinciples of sustainable development; and

(e) work together for a strong and united Canada.

Strategic goals
(2) The governments of the Maritime Provinces are to cooperate inpursuit of the following strategic goals:

(a) remove barriers that impede the mobility of goods, services,people and capital so as to establish a single Maritime market;

(b) create a more competitive and entrepreneurial businessenvironment;

(c) increase the self-reliance of businesses and individuals;

(d) improve transportation, communications, energy, education,health and other infrastructure;

(e) establish or maintain high standards of occupational health,safety and labour practices;

(f) protect and enhance the environment and ensure the wise useof natural resources; and

(g) take any other measures to improve the prosperity of theMaritime Provinces and the well-being of the residents of thoseProvinces. 1992, c. 7, s. 3.

4 Decisions may be taken pursuant to this Act by two or by three ofthe governments of the Maritime Provinces and where taken by only twoof the governments they are only binding on those two governments. 1992, c. 7, s. 4.

Implementation of decisions
5 Decisions taken pursuant to this Act are to be implemented by thegovernments of the Maritime Provinces or their agencies according toagreed arrangements or, on behalf of the governments, by a regionalagency. 1992, c. 7, s. 5.

How decisions to be effected
6 Decisions taken pursuant to this Act are to be effected by thegovernments of the Maritime Provinces either in a coordinated mannerthrough compatible legislation or regulations, or both, or in a uniformmanner by amendment to this Act. 1992, c. 7, s. 6.


Contrary measures
7 The Province agrees not to adopt measures that are contrary to thepurpose, principles and strategic goals of this Act. 1992, c. 7, s. 7.

8 Any resident of the Maritime Provinces has the right tocommunicate with and receive service in English and French from anyinstitution established specifically in pursuance of the purpose, principlesand strategic goals of this Act. 1992, c. 7, s. 8.

Manner of repeal
9 It is the declared intention that this Act or any part of this Act shallremain in force until repealed by one or more of the legislatures of theMaritime Provinces and a legislature intending to repeal this Act or a partthereof shall give at least one years notice of the intention to repeal thisAct or a part thereof. 1992, c. 7, s. 9.

10 This Act comes into force on and not before such day as theGovernor in Council orders and declares by proclamation. 1992, c. 7,s. 10.

Proclaimed - August 12, 1992
In force - August 12, 1992