Lieutenant Governor and Great Seal Act

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Published: 2016-01-05

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Lieutenant Governor and Great Seal Act

An Act Respecting the Great Seal
and the Executive Administration of
the Laws of the Province

Short title
1 This Act may be cited as the Lieutenant Governor and Great SealAct. R.S., c. 256, s. 1.

Powers, authorities, functions
2 In matters within the jursidiction [jurisdiction] of the Legislature,all powers, authorities and functions which, in respect to like matters,were vested in or exercisable by the governors or lieutenant governors ofthe several provinces now forming a part of the Dominion of Canada, orany of the said provinces, under commissions, instructions or otherwise,at or before the passing of the Constitution Act, 1867, are and shall be,so far as the Legislature has power thus to enact, vested in andexercisable by the Lieutenant Governor, or Administrator for the timebeing, of this Province, in the name of Her Majesty, or otherwise, as thecase requires, subject always to the Royal Prerogative as heretofore. R.S., c. 256, s. 2.

Power to pardon
3 Section 2 shall be deemed to include the power of pardoning anyperson or commuting or remitting the sentence of any person sentencedto imprisonment for an offence against the laws of this Province or anoffence over which the legislative authority of this Province extends eventhough such person is imprisoned for non-payment of money to someother person than the Crown. R.S., c. 256, s. 3.

4 Nothing in this Act contained shall be construed to imply that theLieutenant Governor or Administrator has not had heretofore the powersand functions in Sections 2 and 3 mentioned. R.S., c. 256, s. 4.

Appointment of deputy
5 The Lieutenant Governor may, with the advice and consent of theExecutive Council, from time to time appoint any person or persons,jointly or severally, to be his deputy or deputies for the Province, or anypart or parts thereof, for the purpose of executing marriage licenses,money-warrants and commissions under any Act of the Legislature. R.S.,c. 256, s. 5.

Great Seal
6 There shall be a Great Seal of the Province, which the Governorin Council may from time to time change. R.S., c. 256, s. 6.

Change of Great Seal
7 Whenever the Governor in Council changes the Great Seal, he shallissue a proclamation under his hand and seal directing when such changeshall take effect, specifying as far as can be the changes made anddescribing the Seal to be thenceforth used. R.S., c. 256, s. 7.

Great Seal preserved
8 Until changed under this Act, the Great Seal at present in use shallcontinue to be the Great Seal of the Province. R.S., c. 256, s. 8.