National Museum And Art Gallery

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1. Short title

2. Interpretation

3. Establishment of a

National Museum and Art Gallery

4. Administration

5. Establishment of a


6. Meetings of the


7. Functions of the


8. General duty of


9. Regulations

Act 28, 1967,

Act 1, 1968,

Act 46, 1970,

Act 16, 1976,

S.I. 12, 1977.

[Date of

Commencement: 29th September, 1967]

[Ch5901s1]1. Short title


Act may be cited as the National Museum and Art Gallery Act.

[Ch5901s2]2. Interpretation


this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-


means the National Museum and Art Gallery Board established under section 5;


includes a craft village;


Museum and Art Gallery" means the National Museum and Art Gallery

established under section 3.

[Ch5901s3]3. Establishment of a National Museum and

Art Gallery


Minister may, after consultation with the Board, establish such museum and art

gallery facilities, to be called the National Museum and Art Gallery, as in his

opinion are desirable in order to further the provision of an efficient museum

and art gallery service in Botswana.

[Ch5901s4]4. Administration


to the provisions of this Act, the administration of the National Museum and

Art Gallery shall be vested in the Minister, who shall perform his functions

under this Act, in consultation with the Board.

[Ch5901s5]5. Establishment of a Board


For the purposes of this Act, there shall be established a Board to be styled

the National Museum and Art Gallery Board.


The Board shall consist of a Chairman and not more than six other members

appointed by the Minister, together with such other members as may be co-opted

by the Board under subsection (3).


The Board may, with the approval of the Minister, co-opt as members not more

than three persons with such expert knowledge or experience as may be required

by the Board in the discharge of its functions.

(4) The

period of office of a member of the Board shall be-

(a) in the case of the Chairman or any member

appointed under subsection (2), three years from the date of his appointment;


(b) in the case of a member co-opted under the

provisions of subsection (3), the period, not being a period in excess of one

year, for which he has been co-opted.


The Chairman and any member of the Board may resign from the Board at any time

by letter addressed to the Minister; and the Minister may at any time revoke

any appointment which he has made.


Any member of the Board who has not, on the 31st December in any year, attended

at least one-third of the meetings of the Board during the preceding 12 months

or during his tenure of office in such months, shall be considered to have

vacated his seat on the Board, unless he has been absent owing to ill-health or

with the leave of the Minister.

[Ch5901s6]6. Meetings of the Board


The Board shall meet at such times as may be necessary or expedient for

transacting its business.


The Chairman may at any time summon a meeting of the Board, and, on the

requisition of the Minister or any three members he shall summon a meeting and

any such requisition shall state the object for which the meeting is required

to be summoned.


The views or decisions of the Board may be taken at meetings or, in cases in

which the Chairman shall so direct, by the recording of the opinions of members

on papers circulated among them.


The Chairman may direct that papers shall not be circulated in accordance with

the provisions of subsection (3) to any member who through interest, illness,

absence from Botswana or otherwise is, in the opinion of the Chairman,

incapacitated from voting on such papers.


The quorum of the Board at any meeting or for the purpose of voting on papers

circulated in accordance with the provisions of subsection (3) shall be four.


The decisions of the Board shall be by the majority of votes and in any case in

which the voting is equal the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

[Ch5901s7]7. Functions of the Board


The functions of the Board shall be-

(a) to advise the President and Minister in the

exercise of their functions under this Act;

(b) to undertake such administrative functions

in connection with the National Museum and Art Gallery as the Minister may from

time to time require it to undertake.


The Board may, for the purpose of furthering the provision of an efficient

museum and art gallery service in Botswana, enter into mutual arrangements with

other museums or art galleries within or without Botswana.

[Ch5901s8]8. General duty of Minister


shall be the duty of the Minister acting in consultation with the Board and

within the limits of the means available to him, to provide a comprehensive and

efficient museum and art gallery service for all persons desiring to make use thereof,

and for that purpose to provide and maintain such buildings and equipment and

do such other things as may be requisite.

[Ch5901s9]9. Regulations


The Minister may make regulations either generally or in relation to any

particular museum or art gallery facilities established under this Act-

(a) for the control and management of any

museum or art gallery and the use of its facilities including the payment of

charges and fees in respect thereof;

(b) for the establishment, functions and duties

of museum or art gallery committees;

(c) safeguarding the contents of any museum or

art gallery;

(d) generally for the better carrying out of

the provisions of this Act.


Any regulation made under the provisions of subsection (1) may provide in the

event of its contravention for the imposition of a fine not exceeding P100 or

for imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months, or to both.