CASA EX38/12 - Exemption - flight in class D airspace within 16 kilometres of an aerodrome

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Instrument number CASA EX38/12
I, john francis McCormick, Director of Aviation Safety, on behalf of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 11.160 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.
[Signed John F. McCormick]
John F. McCormick
Director of Aviation Safety
15 March 2012
Exemption — flight in class D airspace within 16 kilometres of an aerodrome
1          Duration
                 This instrument:
(a)   commences on the day after registration; and
(b)   stops having effect at the end of February 2015.
2          Application
                 This instrument applies to the operation of hang gliders by members of the Tasmanian Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (the Association) for operations in Class D airspace and within 16 Kilometres of Hobart aerodrome.
3          Exemption
                 A member of the Association is exempt from the requirements of subparagraph 7.1 (i) (iii) and paragraph 7.6 of Civil Aviation Order 95.8.
4          Conditions
                 The exemption is subject to the conditions mentioned in Schedule 1.
Schedule 1—conditions
        1     The operations must be within an area described by the following boundaries:
              the line drawn North South through the top of Single Hill Northwards to Seven Mile Beach Road and eastwards following the coastline 100 metres off shore to a point abeam the northern end of Lauderdale township.
        2     Operations must not be above 1000 ft AMSL.
        3     Operations must be conducted only in V M C.
        4     The duty pilot must obtain approval from Airservices Australia (AA) Hobart control tower on each occasion that flying is planned to occur.
        5     The duty pilot must also advise AA each time flying operations are completed.