CASA EX87/13 - Exemption - initial NVG pilot flight training prerequisites

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Instrument number CASA EX87/13
I, gerard john campbell, Executive Manager, Operations Division, as authorised by CASA, make this instrument under subclause 29.2 in Appendix 3 of Civil Aviation Order 82.6 (CAO 82.6) and subsection 33 (3) of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.
[Signed G.J. Campbell]
Gerard J. Campbell
Executive Manager
Operations Division
26 July 2013
Exemption — initial NVG pilot flight training prerequisites
1          Revocation
                     Instrument CASA EX94/11 is revoked.
2          Application
                       This instrument applies to each member of the Saudi Arabian National Guard or the United Arab Emirates Joint Air Command who is registered as a trainee NVG pilot (exempt trainee) with Becker Helicopter Services Pty Ltd (Becker), Aviation Reference Number 539967.
3          Exemption
                       Each exempt trainee is exempt from the following initial NVG pilot flight training prerequisites of subclause 29.1 in Appendix 3 of CAO 82.6, namely, paragraphs 29.1 (a) to (e), inclusive.
4          Conditions
                       Each exemption of an exempt trainee is subject to the conditions mentioned in Schedule 1.
5          Duration
                       This instrument:
(a)   commences on the day of registration; and
(b)   expires for an exempt trainee, as if it had been repealed by another instrument, at the earlier of:
             (i)  the end of June 2016; or
            (ii)  the exempt trainee ceasing to be an exempt trainee with Becker.
Schedule 1          Conditions
Safety case
          1     Becker must comply with the applicable procedures, requirements and undertakings in its safety case dated 1 August 2011.
        2     Subject to this instrument, Becker must comply with, or ensure compliance with, all applicable provisions of CAO 82.6 for NVG pilot training.
        3     Becker must ensure that CASA remains satisfied that its safety case continues to be appropriate in relation to the NVG training of each exempt trainee.
        4     Becker must comply with any written direction of CASA intended to ensure the continuing safety of the NVG training of each exempt trainee.
Note   Subject to this instrument, a written direction must be consistent with CAO 82.6.
NVG flight instructors
          5     Each NVG flight instructor for an exempt trainee must have, as a minimum, the qualifications and experience set out in paragraphs 15.4 (a) to (h) (inclusive) in Appendix 3 of CAO 82.6.
        6     Without affecting clause 5, each NVG flight instructor for an exempt trainee must also have a minimum of 12 months of post-NVG qualification NVG flying experience and either:
(a)   a minimum of 100 hours of post-NVG qualification NVG flight time; or
(b)   a minimum of:
             (i)  50 hours of post-NVG qualification NVG flight time; and
            (ii)  1 200 hours of aeronautical experience as a helicopter pilot; and
           (iii)  a current grade 2 or higher flight instructor (helicopter) rating, including:
(A)    450 hours of helicopter instructing experience; and
(B)    100 hours of instructing experience with exempt trainees, of which at least 25 hours has been within the previous 6 months; and
           (iv)  NVFR training approval, including 100 hours of NVFR training experience, of which at least 25 hours has been training exempt trainees; and
            (v)  50 hours of NVG flying experience using the same NVG type as approved for use by Becker; and
           (vi)  a command (multi-engine helicopter) or command (single engine helicopter) instrument rating; and
          (vii)  100 hours of aeronautical experience as a helicopter pilot on the same helicopter type with the same cockpit layout as used on the training course.
        7     For clause 6, the NVG flight time and the NVG flying experience must be in 1 or more of the following capacities:
(a)   as NVG pilot in command;
(b)   as NVG pilot in command under supervision (known as ICUS);
(c)   as NVG pilot under post-initial qualification dual training.
Exempt trainees
          8     Before commencing NVG training (other than NVG training in a simulator), each exempt trainee must have completed with Becker at least 150 hours of helicopter flight training.
        9     For clause 8, the flight training must comprise at least the following flight training hours:
(a)   80 hours basic and tactical training in a Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter (Bell 206);
(b)   55 hours of helicopter instrument training, being:
             (i)  30 hours in a Bell 206 simulator; and
            (ii)  25 hours actual flight time in a Bell 206;
(c)       10 hours of NVFR training in a Bell 206;
(d)      5 hours of NVG training in a Bell 206 simulator separate from the hours mentioned in subparagraph (b) (i).
      10     The exempt trainee must not conduct any solo NVG flying but must at all relevant times fly in planned flight as a registered exempt trainee with a qualified NVG flying instructor who complies with clauses 5, 6 and 7.