CASA 31/13 - Instructions - RNP as primary means of navigation for NDB, VOR or DME overlay approaches (Skytraders A319 aircraft)

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Instrument number CASA 31/13
I, GERARD JOHN CAMPBELL, Acting Executive Manager, Operations Division, a delegate of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 179A of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988.
[Signed G.J. Campbell]
Gerard J. Campbell
Acting Executive Manager
Operations Division
11 March 2013
Instructions — RNP as primary means of navigation for NDB, VOR or DME overlay approaches (Skytraders A319 aircraft)
1          Duration
                 This instrument:
(a)   commences on the day after registration; and
(b)   stops having effect at the end of February 2016.
2          Application
                 This instrument applies to the conduct of non-precision approach procedures (excluding LLZ approaches) by Skytraders Pty Ltd, Aviation Reference Number 414306 (Skytraders), in A319 aircraft with an RNP-capable RNAV system.
3          Instructions
                 I issue the instructions in Schedule 1.
4          Definitions
                 In this instrument:
AFM means the aircraft flight manual.
approved navigation database means a navigation database on a medium approved by the manufacturer of the aircraft as suitable for use with the aircraft.
FCOM means Flight Crew Operating Manual.
FMC means flight management computer.
FMS means flight management system.
non-precision approach means an instrument approach which uses lateral guidance but not vertical guidance.
overlay approach means the conduct of a non-precision approach procedure, designed for a ground-based radio aid (NDB, VOR or DME ) using  the FMC‑generated RNP solution for primary navigation of the aircraft.
RNP means the required navigation performance for the commencement and continuation of an approach as displayed to the flight crew by the FMS.
RNP-capable RNAV system means an area navigation system fitted to an aircraft for which the AFM for the aircraft states that it is capable of meeting RNP 0.3.
Schedule 1          Instructions
1          Use of RNP-capable RNAV system
     (1)     An A319 aircraft operated by Skytraders under the I.F.R. may use an RNP-capable RNAV system to conduct overlay approaches in accordance with the conditions set out in clause 2.
     (2)     Overlay approaches may still be flown without:
(a)   the referenced ground-based navigation aid being operational or geographically in position; or
(b)   the relevant onboard navigation aid receiver being installed or serviceable.
     (3)     For flight planning purposes, Skytraders may retain ADF, VOR and DME in the ATC notification field, regardless of whether the onboard equipment is fitted or serviceable, provided the conditions of this instrument are met.
2          Conditions
     (1)     The procedure to be flown by the flight crew must be extracted from an approved navigation database.
     (2)     The approach must be flown in accordance with Airbus standard operating procedures for non-precision approach as set out in the Airbus Skytraders FCOM.
     (3)     The approach must not be flown if:
(a)   the relevant ground-based navigation aid has been decommissioned; or
(b)   the relevant instrument approach has been withdrawn.
     (4)     Skytraders’ policy, procedures and limitations regarding the conduct of overlay approaches must be included in the Skytraders operations manual suite.
     (5)     Skytraders must inform CASA should any condition, operational bulletin, airworthiness directive or AFM amendment affect this instrument.