Customs By-law No. 1300595

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BY-LAW No. 1300595
I, Geoff Johannes, delegate of the Chief Executive Officer, under section 271 of the Customs Act 1901 make the by-law set out in the Schedule below.
Item 4
Schedule 4
1.             This by-law may be cited as Customs By-law No. 1300595.
2.             This by-law shall take effect on and from 1 March 2013.
3.       For the purposes of item 4 of Schedule 4 to the Customs Tariff Act 1995, the following goods are prescribed:
(a)           documents that are for free distribution and that do not contain more than 25% private commercial advertising, as follows:
(i)            lists or year books of foreign hotels, published or sponsored by official tourist agencies;
(ii)     timetables of transport services operating abroad;
(b)          overseas travel literature and printed matter designed for general publicity purposes, the chief purpose of which is to encourage the public to visit a foreign country, and in which any reference to Australia or Australian persons is incidental, as follows:
(i)            issued by overseas travel principals or their agents;
(ii)     for free distribution and containing not more than 25% private  commercial advertising;
(c)           technical materials sent to accredited representatives or correspondents appointed by national official tourist agencies, not intended for distribution, as follows:
(i)            catalogues of fairs;
(ii)     documentation about museums, universities, spas or similar             institutions;
(iii)    lists of hotels;
(iv)    telephone directories;
(v)     year books;
(d)     blank Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA) carnets, prepared in accordance with the Customs Convention on ATA carnets;
(e)     paper catalogues or paper price lists relating exclusively to goods and/or services of a country other than Australia, designed for international distribution and not directed specifically at Australian consumption.
4.             For the purposes of paragraph 3(e) “catalogues” include individual leaflets, each advertising a single article, which have been permanently fastened together (including fastening by means of hinged binders or staples) in such a manner as to give them the appearance of a catalogue.
5.       For the purposes of paragraph 3(e) “catalogues” and “price lists” include publications containing a reference to the name of an Australian agent of the overseas person in whose interest the publication is issued but not a reference to both the names of an Australian agent and an Australian retailer.
6.       For the purposes of this by-law, the “Customs Tariff Act 1995” means the Customs Tariff Act 1995, as amended or proposed to be altered.
Dated this eleventh day of February 2013.
Geoff Johannes
Delegate of the
Chief Executive Officer