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Newspaper Surety Act

Published: 1909

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Newspaper Surety (CAP. 292 1



Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.
3. Bond required.
4. Bond by company.
5. Copies of bond to be evidence.
6. Registrar to deliver copies.
7. Execution of bond.
8. Withdrawal of surety.
9. New bond in certain cases.

10. Publication without bond.
11. Penalties recoverable as Crown debts by the

12. Non-application.


Newspaper Surety (CAP. 292 3


(23rd July, 1909.)

1. This Act may be cited as the Newspaper Surety Short title.

2. In this Act- Interpretation.
6 6 company" means a joint stock company duly incor-

porated under and subject to the provisions of the
Companies Act or any Act amending the same;

6 < newspaper" means-

( a ) any paper containing public news, intelligence
or occurrences, or any remarks, observations or
comments in relation to such news, intelligence or
occurrences, printed and published periodically or at
intervals of less than twelve months and intended by
the printer or published for distribution, sale or circula-
tion principally within Antigua and Barbuda; and

( 6 ) any paper printed in order to be dispersed and
containing only or principally advertisements,

but shall not include the Gazette or any publication issued
by the Government or by any Statutory Corporation:

Provided that where any person, company, trade union
or association publishes two or more papers which have dif-
fering names or titles but which are of substantially similar
format and content and are intended for circulation among
the same types of reader as each other, then, for the purpose
of this definition, such papers shall be deemed to be one and
the same paper.

3. No person shall print or publish or cause to be Bond required.
printed or published within Antigua and Barbuda any
newspaper unless he shall have previously given and executed
and registered in the office of the Registrar of Deeds a bond
in the sum of nine hundred and sixty dollars with one or


4 CAP. 292) Newspaper Surety

more sureties as may be required and approved by the
Attorney-General, conditioned that the printer, publisher or
proprietor of the said newspaper shall pay to Her Majesty
the Queen, Her heirs and successors, every penalty which
may at any time be imposed upon or adjudged against him
or them upon any conviction for printing or publishing any
blasphemous or seditious or other libel at any time after the
execution of such bond, and also any damages and costs on
any judgment for the plaintiff in any action for libel against
such printer, publisher or proprietor, and all other penalties
whatsoever which may be imposed upon or adjudged by the
Court against him or them under the provisions of this Act.

Bond by

4. Whenever any newspaper shall belong to a com-
pany the bond shall be given and executed by such com-
pany under its title of incorporation and under the hand of
the secretary and any two directors of such company, and
under the common or corporate seal of such company and
by such surety or sureties as the Attorney-General may
require and approve.

Copies of bond
to be evidence.

5 . Certified copies of every bond under this Act shall
be received in evidence in all courts as sufficient proof of
the giving and execution of such bond.

Registrar to
deliver copies.

6. The Registrar of Deeds upon application shall
deliver to any person who may require it a copy certified
under his hand of any bond registered under the provisions
of this Act.

Withdrawal of

Execution of

7. Every bond required by this Act shall be executed
in the presence of the Attorney-General or in the presence
of a Magistrate for District A, and of one witness at least,
not being a party thereto, and such witness shall subscribe
his name with the addition of his place of abode or business
and his profession, occupation, or condition in life.

8. If any surety shall be desirous of withdrawing from
such bond and being discharged from his suretyship
thereunder, he shall be entitled so to withdraw and be
discharged at the expiration of sixty days after service of a
notice in writing of such his withdrawal to the Attorney-
General, and to the printer or publisher, or to the secretary


Newspaper Surety (CAP. 292 5

of the company, as the case may be, for whom such surety
shall have become bound:

Provided that, notwithstanding any such discharge, such
surety shall continue to be liable in respect of all penalties
incurred by and all damages and costs adjudged against any
such printer, publisher or proprietor before the date of such

9. In every case where any surety under any bond New bond in
certain cases.

required by this Act-

(a) shall have paid the whole or any part of the
sum for which he shall have become bound; or

( b ) shall die; or

(c) shall have been declared a bankrupt or shall
have been discharged under any law of bankruptcy for
the time being in force in Antigua and Barbuda; or

(6) shall have left Antigua and Barbuda without
leaving sufficient property therein to satisfy any sum
for which he shall have become bound; or

(e) shall have withdrawn from such suretyship in
manner hereinbefore provided,

then and in every such case the person or company for whom
such surety shall have been bound shall not print or publish
any newspaper until such person or company shall have
executed and registered a new bond to the amount and in
manner hereinbefore prescribed.

10. If any person shall print or publish or cause to z p h l z t z n d .
be printed or published or sell or offer for sale any newspaper
wichout haviig first complied with the provisions of this kct
as to bond, every such person or the secretary of any com-
pany, as the case may be, shall be liable on summary con-
viction to a penalty not exceeding fifteen hundred dollars
for each and every such act done and committed.

1 . All penalties recoverable under any bond given P;,","d;zbble .,
under this Act shall be recovered as Crown debts by the crown debts by
Attorney-General in accordance with the law and practice zorney-General,
for the time being prevailing.


6 CAP. 292) Newspaper Surety

on-application. 12. This Act does not apply to any newspaper that
is published by-

( a ) the pupils or staff of any scholastic

( b ) a bona fide religious organisation,

(c) a non-profit making voluntary organisation,

(4 a youth organisation, or
(e) a business or company for distribution to its


if the items of news, comments or any other matter or thing
contained in such newspaper consists wholly or mainly of
matters concerning or principally of interest to such group.