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Law Revision (Miscellaneous) (Amendments) (No 3) Act 1998

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No. 6 of 1998. Law Revision (Miscellaneous) 1 ANTIGUA
(Amendment) (No. 3 ) Act, 1998. AND


[ L.S. ]

I Assent.

James B. Carlisle,

17th July, 1998.


No. 6 of 1998

AN ACT to amend the provisions of certain Acts of Parliament.

[ 30th July, 1998 ]

ENACTED by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda as

1. This Act may be cited as the Law Revision (Miscellaneous) Short title.
(Amendment) (No. 3) Act, 1998.

2. The International Business Corporation Act, Cap. 222 is Amendment of the
amended in section 5 by inserting after subsection (2) the following International Busi-

ness Corporation new subsection:
Act, Cap. 222.

"(3) Notwithstanding subsection (I), no person authorised
to perform any function under this section or incorporate a
corporation under this Act shall perform that function or
incorporate a corporation unless such person has paid to the
Director the annual fee prescribed by the Minister."

3. Section 8 (3) of the Pensions Act, Cap. 31 1 is amended as Amendment of the
~ O ~ ~ O W S : Pensions Act Cap.


ANTIGUA 2 Law Revision (Miscellaneous) No. 6 of 1998.
AND (Amendment) (No. 3) Act, 1998.


"(3) An officer may retire from the public service on or after attaining the age
of fifty years, but before reaching the age of fifty-five if he applies in writing to
retire at that age and the Governor-General acting on the advice of Cabinet grants
the application.".

Passed by the House of Representatives this Passed by the Senate this 18th
25th day of May, 1998. day of June, 1998.

B. Harris,

(Sen.) L. Smith,
Vice President.

S. Walker, S. Walker,
Clerk to the House of Representatives. Clerk to the Senate.

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua and Barbuda,
by Rupert Charity, Government Printer

- By Authority, 1998.
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