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Cyril Thomas Bufton and Iona Eileen Bufton (Resettlement and Maintenance) Act 1997

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No. 160f 1997. Cyril Thomas B8on and lonu Eileen 1 ANTIGUA
B@on (Resetfknt and Maintenance) AND

Act 1997. BARBUDA

I Assent,

James B. Cadisle,

22nd January, 1998.

No. 16 of 1997

AN ACT to make provision for resettlement and maintenance of Cyril Thomas Bufton
and Iona Eileen Bufton.

[ 29th January. 1998 ]

WHEREAS by adeclaration publishedin Gazefte No. 38of August 1997 andGazefte
No. 40 of 21st August 1997, Guiana Island and certain neighbouring islands were
acquired by the Crown; and

WHEREAS by section 3 (3) of the Laud Acquisition Act Cap. 233 the saidlands were
on the second publication in the Gazette, vested absolutely in the Crown; and the
authorised officer is requid thereafter to enter and take possession of the land so
q u i d ; and

WHEREAS Cyril Thomas Bufton and Iona Eileen Bufton who are in occupation of
the said Guiana Island were given notice to yield up possession in September 1997, but
have failed to do so; and

WHEREAS it is now necessary for the authorised officer to enter and take possession
to enable the project to be started; and

ANTIGUA 2 Cyril Thomas Bufion and lonu Eileen No. 16of 1997.
AND B@on (Reseftlement and Maintenance)

BARBUDA Act 1997.

WHEREAS the Government has, on humanitarian grounds made special provision
for the resettlement and maintenance of the said Cynl Thomas Bufton and Iona E i n


ENACTED by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda as follows:

Short title. 1. This Act may be cited as Cyril Thomas Bufton and Iona E i n
Bufton (Resettlement and Maintenance) Act 1997.

Resettlement. 2. (1) At any time after the coming into force of this Act the
authorised officer appointed under the Land Acquisition Act Cap.
233 shall enter forthwith and take possession of Guiana Island in
accordance with section 3 of the Land Acquisition Act.

(2) Where Cynl Thomas Bufton and Iona Eileen Bufton refuse to
peacefully yield up possession, the authorised officer shall request
the Commissioner of Police to assist him and his agents to remove
them and their personal effects from Guiana Island to a place
appointed by the Minister responsible for Lands for resettlement.

Provision for land 3. The Cabinet shall provide Cyril Thomas Bufton and Iona
and home. E i n Bufton with a land of approximately five acres with a two

bedroom house.

Payment of

4. There shall be paid out of the Consolidated Fund to Cyril
Thomas Bufton and Iona Eileen Bufton a monthly stipend of one
thousand seven hundred Eastern Caribbean dollars.

Continued use of 5. Cynl Thomas Bufton and Iona Eileen Bufton shall be provided
Government ve- with

~uration of ~ c t . 6. (1) This Act shall remain in force until the authorised officer
has coqleted his assessment of claims and made final payment in
relation to the Acquisition of Guiana Island.

(2) In the event that any claim for compensation by the Buftons
in respect of the acquisition of Guiana Island does not succeed, Cyd

No. 16of 1997. Cyril Thomas Bufton and Iona Eileen 3 ANTIGUA
Bufton (Resettlement and Maintenance) AND

Act 1997. BARBUDA

Tho~nas Bufton and Iona Eileen Bufton shall continue to enjoy the
facilities provided under this Act for the remainder of their lives and
thereafter the property and the vehicle shall be returned to the Crown.

Passed the House of Representatives Passed the Senate this 22nd day of
this 16th day of December, 1997. December, 1997.

B. Harris,


M. Percival,


S. Walker, S. Walker,

Clerk to the House of Representatives. Clerk to the Senate.

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua and Barbuda,
by Rupert Charity, Government Printer

-ByAuthority, 1998.
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