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Cemetery Act

Published: 0000

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Cemetery (CAP. 79 1



Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.
2. Appointment of Commissioners.
3 . Land to be vested in Her Majesty, Her heirs and suc-

cessors for a public cemetery.
4. Land to be enclosed.


( 1 5th December, 1865 .) 244118155.

WHEREAS it is expedient to establish a public cemetery Preamble.
for the city and parish of Saint John, and whereas a portion
of a piece of land in the said city, being part of Gamble's
Estate now or lately belonging to or in the possession of John
Tollemache, Esquire, is suitable for the purposes of such
cemetery, and whereas the said John Tollemache hath
declared his willingness to sell and dispose of the said piece
of land for the purpose aforesaid, and whereas it is expe-
dient that there should be selected so much of the same piece
or parcel of land as may be required for the purposes of the
public cemetery and that the same should be duly and pro-
perly valued, and appraised, and that so much of such piece
of land as may be selected and valued should on payment
of the price and sum at which the same may be valued, stand
and be absolutely vested in Her Majesty, Her heirs and suc-
cessors for the uses of a public cemetery.


2 CAP. 79) Cemtev

Short title. 1. This Act may be cited as the Cemetery Act.

Appointment of

2. It shall be lawful for the Governor-General by
Commission under his hand and seal to nominate and appoint
seven persons to be and act as Commissioners of the public
cemetery, and such Commission at any time as occassion
may require from time to time to revoke, and other such
Commission or Commissions to issue, and any three of such
Commissioners shall form a quorum for the transaction of

Land to be
vested in
Her Majesty,
Her heirs and
successors for a
public cemetery.

3. The land so selected, valued and appraised shall,
immediately upon the payment of the said price or sum stand
and be absolutely vested in Her Majesty, Her heirs and suc-
cessors, to be appropriated to and for the purposes of a public
cemetery for the parish and city of St. John, and the signing
and registering of the said selection and appraisement of such
land, together with the receipt for the price or purchase
money of the same land, shall operate to dock and bar all
estates tail and in remainder or reversion or dower, and all
and every the estate, right, title, interest, use, trust, proper-
ty, claim or demand of any person or persons with, out of,
or upon the same land and premises.

Land to be 4. The said Commissioners shall, as soon as possible
enclosed. after the said land shall have been selected and appropriated

as hereinbefore mentioned, enclose the whole in a fit and
suitable manner.