Weekly Updates on New Laws Globally

Updating the company’s policies based on new legislation is a major part of the regulatory manager work. Until recently, this task has been especially challenging with no one-stop reliable source to go to in order to receive updates on new legislation.

While few companies provide updates on new legislation, it is limited to North America (See for example Lexis’ State Net and Pulse, Fiscal Note, and Govtmonitor in Canada. Others provide updates on financial regulation like 8of9 RegAlytics and Compliance.ai).

In order to face this challenge, Global-Regulation has utilised its system to start providing weekly updates on new laws from 46 countries, about half of which are machine translated to English.

Our ‘new laws’ section shows new laws from 46 countries with the option to filter by country.

In addition, we created an option to receive weekly email alerts on new laws based on the user’s keyword (please note: keyword email alerts for new laws can be created only by subscribers).

After creating the alerts, the user will receive an email every time her keywords appear in new laws.

These personally customised keyword based email alerts are available for unlimited users under the corporate subscription.


Global-Regulation + RSA Archer = More Visibility into your Compliance Needs

Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) platforms are the organization’s tool to help handle, among others, its regulatory affairs. This is what the RSA Archer® Suite is designed to provide through RSA® Archer® Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management.

With most of the world laws (1.6 million laws from 90 countries translated from 30 languages) in English, in addition to complexity map and AI driven penalty identifier, Global-Regulation.com is positioned perfectly to complement the RSA Archer Suite.

This is the reason that Global-Regulation has a technology interoperability with RSA Archer Suite to offer customers an XML download of the world laws by Global-Regulation.com directly to RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, to empower customers to obtain better visibility into their compliance needs.

Now, with the launch of the RSA Archer Exchange available to RSA Archer customers, this technology interoperability can be even more seamless and easy than before.


We’re on DuckDuckGo

Users can now run legislation searches directly from the DuckDuckGo search engine. We’re using “!laws“.

Just type “!laws climate change” in DuckDuckGo to be taken directly to Global-Regulation.com’s search results for “climate change”.


Search Ideas – Interaction with the Search Engine

What if you could discuss your search query with the search engine? well, now you can. Our new feature suggest search ideas based on the user’s query. These search ideas are extracted from our world’s laws database itself.

Here’s how it works:
1. We take the text of every law in the world and extract the most frequently mentioned word pairs, on a per-law basis. This way we create a new database of word pairs.
2. When someone does a search we check the database of word pairs and take the word pairs that occur most frequently in association with the word or word pair that the user is searching for. So a search for “coffee” will return keyword suggestions for words that appear in laws that mention “coffee” most commonly.
3. We then filter the words and take the best matches and display those to the user. These are the search ideas.

You can click on the search ideas in yellow at the top and it will be updated according to your recent search. For example, lets say you started with Coffee –> then you choose ‘Coffee Agreement’

And then choose ‘system certificates’. This is endless.

This new feature actually enable you to interact with the search engine and follow the trail that is based on the database of word pairs we created from our gigantic database of the world’s laws.



Teaching with Global-Regulation

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-8-33-00-pmI had a wonderful experience with my 4th year Law & Technology students last Thursday. I asked them to search Global-Regulation.com for privacy laws that relates to teenagers and then create a scenario that describes these rights in a way that teenagers can understand.
After creating the scenario, the students, working in groups, needed to choose the pictures for each square of the scenario and we uploaded it to a website I created for this purpose – Privacygames.com.

The results were amazing and the students were fascinated both by the legislation search in Global-
Regulation, and with creating the scenarios.
The best scenario was an illustration of legislation that is set to protect the privacy of teenagers by determining that a physician has a discretion to report a pregnancy of a girl under 16 to her parents if he feels that she is not capable of dealing with the sitscreen-shot-2016-12-03-at-8-32-22-pmuation.

Another scenario was describing new legislation in New Zealand that makes it an offence to engage in ‘revenge porn’.

Empowering teenager’s by informing them of their rights and obligations is an exciting field that should be fostered. Using Global-Regulation
for class exercise is really intriguing for the students.


Finding Foreign Laws in English

You can read translations of over 750,000 foreign laws using Global-Regulation.com. Just search for the the phrase and click a law from a non-English jurisdiction. A machine translation of the law will be shown on screen and you can click through to see the law in the original language.

ISO codes on the database coverage page

If you go to our coverage page you’ll see a list of our data sources. The bracketed codes to the right of the region title are the ISO codes for the language. The screenshot to the left shows a few examples of this. Note that “zh” is Mandarin, “es” is Spanish and “cs” is Czech.

As of mid-October, 2016 we have over 25 languages translated to English.


Related Laws Feature

We’re pleased to announce that our “Related Laws” feature is now generally available (and fast). When users click the “Related Laws & More Info” button next to each search result there will automatically be a list of related laws generated and shown (where applicable – short laws don’t have this feature because the results aren’t useful).

This feature was previously available and marked as “experimental”. With recent upgrades to our database system we’ve improved the speed of this feature by 15x and can make it widely available to everyone (including users who are not paid subscribers). This is one part of our strategy for making the search experience faster and more useful.


Law Students – become a Case Studies Associate Editor

Whether you are interested in improving the regulatory policy framework of nations around the world, or simply want to improve your legal research and analysis skills, this is an exciting new opportunity for both.

How you Benefit

As a Case Studies Associate Editor for Global-Regulation Inc., you will be in a unique position to jumpstart your legal career through practical experience in the field of innovative legal technology. In addition to being able to demonstrate and refine your ability to research and analyze regulation case studies on an international basis, you will be officially recognized on our company website for your contributions.

What We Need

The requirements from you are not only straightforward but are also very flexible for your scheduling purposes:

  1. Find empirical case studies that are not already indexed on Global-Regulation.com. This can be easily confirmed by searching the database. An empirical case study is essentially non-theoretical and empirically examines a certain regulation (or several) in the world. These can come from a variety of sources including academic articles, NGO studies, etc. Alternatively, send us an email and we’ll send you a case study for indexing.
  2. Index the case study on Global-Regulation.com. Use the provided form (http://global-regulation.com/submit-case-study.php) with proper citation and an abstract in your own words based on your own analytical reading. We will then review and approve each submission, and credit you accordingly.

If you have any questions, please email us. We look forward to your contributions to the world of global policy.


Our English Translations of Chinese Laws

Wondering where to find Chinese laws translated into English? For many Chinese federal and state laws, you can find them by searching our database: https://www.global-regulation.com/search.php?year=&country=China&province=All&start=0&q=china&advanced=false.

Global-Regulation’s search engine currently has 7910 Chinese laws translated into English. The translations are done with either Microsoft Bing Translator or Google Translate.


Analysis of Global Climate Change Laws

We’ve used the Global-Regulation global law analytics tool to analyse world climate change laws: https://www.global-regulation.com/analytics.php?q=climate+change.

Climate Change Laws Heatmap

Climate Change Laws Passed Since 1990

Close up of climate change laws for selected countries

It’s interesting to note that in recent years the United Kingdom and the European Union have been the most active legislators in the area of climate change.

You can explore the data yourself by going to https://www.global-regulation.com/analytics.php?q=climate+change. If you’d like to see the specific laws (and filter by country or year) you can use the regular search: https://www.global-regulation.com/search.php?blog.