Are lawyers afraid of Legal Technology?!

Lawyers, or more precisely their information managers, will always find a problem in your legal information technology. It is not updated, it is not accurate, it uses machine translation, its not your junior lawyer, It does not make coffee.b3fe7c914035c07b3330f38b2d667c10

Is it because they are afraid for their jobs? imagining this IBM PR creation (ROSS) thing that will take over 90% of the firms employment opportunities and leave young associates (and old) unemployed?!
Or maybe it is because they would not settle for less than the perfect machine that will save their firm a fortune by doing all the work by itself with no need to generate a pay slip?!

I argue that they are not ready yet for legal technology. Sure, they use search engines like Lexis and Westlaw but when it comes to real legal technology – they are afraid. It disrupts their perception of the legal profession.

As always, the client is the one paying for the fear.