Analytics For The World’s Laws: Near Instant Statistical Analysis and Graphs

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our newest feature: a global legislation analytics tool. The best way to understand the tool is to try it out for yourself:

The analytics tool runs a given search across our entire database and then for each individual country in the database to produce an analytics report that summarizes all of the statistical information we have available on the laws (primarily derived from word counts for individual laws and number of laws).

The available graphs (as of April, 2016) are:

  1. Number of laws by country
  2. Percentage of laws that match the search, by country
  3. Approximation of legal complexity, by country and by continent/region
  4. Heatmap of legal complexity, by country
  5. A timeline of laws passed (excluding the US), by country

The analytics service returns the top 10 individual matches by jurisdiction so the user can get a better feel for the data that went into the graphs. The analytics are powered by the same search engine as the basic search tool and we encourage users to explore the data first in the search tool and then move over to the analytics to get a global picture.

The analytics are run on our entire database, currently over 1.3 million laws from 47 countries (and many provinces/states within the US & Canada).

You can run your own analytics search here: Subscribers can run an unlimited number of searches, guest users are limited to 10 searches for free.

Example analytics graph, for "university endowment"

Example analytics graph: “university endowment”

Example: laws that mention "climate change" since 1990 (non-US)

Example: laws that mention “climate change” since 1990 (non-US)