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Here you can find the latest laws added to our ever-growing database for December 2019.

We've added 3,316 new laws from 16 countries over the last month.
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1. An Act To Establish The Conditions For The Transfer To The Tax Liability Of Port Companies. -German Translation
Date added: 2019-11-07
2. An Act To Provide Interim Credit For November And December 2019 (1)
Date added: 2019-11-14
3. An Act To Amend The Value Added Tax Code Transposing Directive (Eu) 2019/475 And The Directive (Eu) 2018/1910 (1)
Date added: 2019-11-14
4. An Act To Amend The Royal Decree Of 22 May 2003 On The Procedure Concerning The Treatment Of Disability Benefits, With A View To...
Date added: 2019-11-21